Pocket Legends: Adventures Impressions

Spacetime Studios has forged an entirely new experience with this massive update to the Pocket Legends MMORPG.

When I first reviewed the original Pocket Legends game, I gave it a solid four stars. It was the first (and still is?) true MMORPG on the iPhone and iPad, and it was a lot of fun. However, at launch there was still a lot to be desired from hardcore MMO fans. Here’s a list of things I recommended at the end of my review for the future of this game:

- Player to player trading.
- More character customization.
- Better friend system.
- Guilds! And perhaps a private place for your guild to gather.
- Use a world map to organize quests, rather than one big list.
- Different world hubs that are unlocked as you progress so you can easily link up with others at your level.

The only item above that has NOT been added to the current version of PL is guilds. *shrug* Everything else is awesome! Pocket Legends has moved up to an “open world” gaming experience, and has pushed the instance-based server list to the back burner. It’s still there though, for those who want to load up a single dungeon for a quick run-through. When when you start a new character, you start off in a specific area based on your race, and you have to complete a few simple quests to get you used to how the game works. Yes, that’s right, quests.

Pocket Legends: Adventures has finally added a true quest log, with interactive NPCs that further the overall storyline. Each quest will get you some gold, and allow you to choose between three class-specif items after the quest has been complete.

There are quest-based in-game events now!

There are quest-based in-game events now!

There are now different townes spread around different areas of the game world, which is now represented by an in-game world map. Each towne has a portal in the middle that links up to the next “chapter” in the story. You can also leave the town and travel to the next area via small portals that are used to load the next world area. It’s not as fluid as WoW, which allows you travel in real time from one area to another, but it works well, and cuts down on travel time.

Speaking of fluidity, one of the most impressive parts of PL:A is the way it automatically links you, friends, and locals together as you progress from towne to dungeon and back again. If you and a friend both go through the towne portal with the same quests, you automatically appear together in the appropriate area on the other side. I also noticed that other players I had seen in the towne earlier would meet up with us in quests later on. There’s a great feeling of connection between quests, friends, and players in your general area that are completing the same chapters as you.

A minor, but cool change is the addition of hats/helmets/hoods on the actual character models in the game. Currently, every single bit of armor you can wear, and every new weapon you pick up, will change how your character looks. There are still

Loot, I choose you!

Loot, I choose you!

only three character classes, without the ability to choose male or female, which is still a bit odd to me. However, in the main towne, you’ll meet a human character named Ethan, who gives an obvious hint that humans will be a playable class in the future. It sounds like this class will balance the three attributes in the game, rather than focusing on one. I’m hoping that with this class you will be able to choose a male or female avatar, but I haven’t heard anything official about this yet.

If you want more info Pocket Legends, be sure to check out my full review. The game is completely free to play, with in-game purchasing for higher level campaigns and other items. Every update has released something new and exciting, and the world is constantly evolving and improving with all the love Spacetime Studios in pouring into it. They have their ear to community when it comes to features and additions, and it doesn’t appear there’s any stop in sight!

As always, feel free to send me a friend request! I have two characters: teegee & teegen!

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