Pocket Clothier review

Making headshots, or selling clothes? What kind of gamer am I?

Now this is as far from my normal realm of gaming. Creating a clothes store, training staff and combining clothes racks to maximize profit is not the kind of gamer I see myself as. However playing Borderlands 2 I start to long for loading times so I can check back into my TG Clothes store. In the middle of killing skrags I had to pause because the country went into a recessions, and I had to launch an ad campaign not to be dragged down. Writing this review I constantly twist my neck to see what is happening to my store. Much like all other simulation games in the Kairosoft catalogue Pocket Clothier doesn’t demand my full attention, and can be left running by itself until something demands my attention.

Pocket Clothier is about micromanaging a clothes store. Negotiating with manufacturers, adding new clothes to the store, hiring staff and placing racks, shelves and fixtures. Each floor have a limited number of placement areas. Clothes can be placed on shelves, racks and carts and are compatible with certain other garments. There are also fixtures that boost customer experience, make them give you golden garments used for upgrading staff and buying clothes. There are also larger spots for tenants such as dumpling shops, idea rooms and rest rooms. When you add a new floor to the store you have to choose what setup it will have. A balance is always good to be able to maximize profit. There is a limitation to the number of garments available, and the larger tenants give special bonuses not available otherwise such as having an own stock of clothes. Depending on the kind of floor you also get different amount of employees. Determining the type of floor is the most important decision in the entire game.

Pocket Clothier suffers quite a lot from not having that much to do. About ten years into the game it can run on it’s own without any other interaction than to tap away messages.

The presentation is ok, albeit it hasn’t changed much since the first Kairosoft game hit iOS. Playing on an iPhone 5 is ugly, as there are large borders, and even the phone status bar below. It looks sloppy, and old. Furthermore the game is universal, but without any online functionality for game save it feels stuck to the device you start on. There is also no real reason to go for high scores, as there are no leaderboards.

Pocket Clothier has its moments, but most of the time it manages to run itself without much interaction. There is simply too little to do, and too little to look forward to.

Final Rating


Pocket Clothier $3.99 Universal for iPhone/iPad/iPod
Version: 1.o.o
Seller: Kairosoft Co., Ltd


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