Plushed Review

This unique platformer sports an eerily dark fairly tale mood.When I first heard about Plushed, I imagined it being some sort of “pet” game featuring a cute stuffed bunny. Instead, Plushed is a dark and eerie 2-D platformer featuring a cute stuffed bunny. I’m glad it wasn’t a pet game, because I would have had to pass it along to Nacho… who plays pet games… cuz he’s lame.

The basic storyline revolves around an two mouse wizards, one good and one bad, that zap into a story book that the little girl who owns you is reading. The girl has been lost, and it’s up to you to traverse strange fairytale based levels to save her. After the first level, you get a sweet set armor that 034apparently does nothing but make you look even cuter, and make you feel even more guilty when you die. Seriously, the bunny makes the saddest death sound I’ve ever heard.

The trouble with Plushed is that you die… a lot. The game has only a couple check points scattered throughout the level, and oftentimes makes you do quite a lot before you reach them. The biggest problem with this is that you have no health and no lives. You touch anything bad and you die. This can get really frustrating, as touchscreen platformers often aren’t very precise in controls, and while not terrible, Plushed is no exception.

The gameplay has basic running and jumping with a sort of inventory for items you collect in each level. Generally they require you to drag the item out of the inventory onto the screen to perform a certain task. You might use a slice of pizza to draw a creature onto a button so he stays there to press it, or spray on pizza perfume (I WANT.) to have a creature follow you. The items work well and are made readily available when you need to use them.

The graphics are decent for the most part, with good use of the fairytale theme in level design. Certain 038things feel cheap, like occasional level clipping or the same death animation no matter how you die. My favorite part of Plushed, by far, is the music. Each level has a unique song the fits the feel of the game perfectly. As I mentioned before, it’s a dark twist on fairy tales, which I fully realized when I played a boss fight against an obese Little Red Riding Hood.

Plushed is a very unforgiving platformer. This is the reason I didn’t finish the game, which is rare for me when I write reviews. Even though I got pretty far in, it just got boring and tedious to constantly die, then get a little farther, then die again due to controls or something off-camera shooting you. It’s a unique idea with wonderful music and charming visuals While fun at first, instant deaths make it hard to enjoy yourself after a while. But damn if I don’t still lose sleep at night for all those cute bunny deaths. :(


Plushed – $.99 (50% off sale at time of review)

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    i mostly agree with the score, i would have maybe given it an extra half star.

  • Joshn

    FInally someone with the same opinion as me. I managed to get to the last level then gave up. However i was swearing most of the time i was playing it due to how fustrating it is.

  • Jas

    Devs to add *lots* of extra save points and amke the game easier with an easy mode.

    This is a mobile game themed for quick pick up & play – not for hardcore gaming!

  • Spencer Sternberg

    Matt, it’s great you enjoyed the music in ‘Plushed’. As a game music composer it is important to know what works and doesn’t work with music. With ‘Plushed’, I only had one minute with each track to match the mood of each level. I hope the music can help gamers immerse themselves more in this game.