BubbleHead Review

BubbleHead ($2.99) v1.0

Bubble bubble, toil and trouble. Keep your BubbleHead from getting into trouble. Well I guess he doesn’t get into trouble as much as just go splat if you mess up in this game.

In Arcade mode the goal is to navigate your little dude through a predetermined course of obstacles trying to cross the finish line as quickly as possible. Collecting stars will take 2 seconds off your time. There are also periodic checkpoints so if you go splat you don’t have to start from the beginning.

In Random mode your objective is to go as far as possible in a randomly generated level.

Look at me I'm floating!

Look at me I'm floating!

You also gain points by collecting stars. The items will pop up before you and your job is to navigate through them. Because it’s random some rounds are harder then others, this means getting a high score is a blend of luck and skill.  You can compare your top score to others playing with an online leader board.

The controls in BubbleHead are tight. You only need to move your iPhone slightly left or right to make your guy move. To accelerate just touch the screen. If your touching he goes, if you lay off he stops. Because your dodging so many obstacles most of the time your doing a lot of small taps to control your acceleration.

The graphics are really cute. As your guy moves left and right he spins around. The obstacles range from computer parts, to nature, medical, and more. They are all well drawn and look good in the game. The background looks nice but the pattern is always the same, so it can get pretty boring.

Computer Planet is the best

Computer Planet is the best

The sounds are silly and fun. There are sounds in all the right places. I even enjoy the slurping sound you hear when the levels are loading. There is no music, however you can play music from your iPod, and that makes the gameplay a lot more enjoyable.

BubbleHead feels like a really well polished mini-game. That being said it still has more polish that many iPhone apps I have reviewed. I call it a mini-game because of the content there isn’t really to much to the game and it’s not really compelling enough to play for long periods of time. However for short bursts of time it can be a great time waster.

This brings me to the games one big flaw, the loading times. This game seems to be geared for quick play (as it should on a portable platform) however the load times seem disproportionately long. Although it’s cute to see and hear your little BubbleHead guy sipping during load time, it just takes too long.

Get used to this screen

Get used to this screen

Presentation & Graphics
The Graphics are great but can get a little repetitive.

Good Sounds, but no music. Get’s extra points for allowing you to use your iPod music.

It’s fun, but very limited.

Make me famous!

Make me famous!

It’s fun in short bursts, and you could play it again and again, but because of the limited content it can get boring after a few hours of gameplay.

Game Rating
Despite a few shortcomings BubbleHead is a really cute and fun game. It has more polish then a lot of other games out there, but I’m not sure it’s worth the price of $2.99. I’d probably put this one in App Sniper and wait until it drops to at least $1.99.

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