Platypus quick review

Originally a Macintosh game by Squashy software. Platypus has been ported over to the iPhone by bitrabbit and published by Astraware. The game is a classic style side-scrolling shooter, but with a difference, for everything you see is made of clay! Using a technique know as Claymation – you’ve all seen Wallace & Grommit right? – the ships, bullets, explosions and backgrounds are all built and animated out of plasticine. It brings a real tactile three dimensional feel to an otherwise 2D genre.

The gameplay is straight forward shooting fest, destroy wave after wave of enemy ships in a variety of shapes and colour within seemingly endless levels. By default your ship auto fires, you can either use tilt or touch to control your ship, but I think the tilt works best and is very responsive.

When destroyed, some ships leave star powerups or fruit for points. Depending on the colour of the star as you collect it will give you different weapon abilities such as rockets, laser fire and various bullet formations.

As a shooter, platypus is a fun and polished game with a good level of challenge. At $4.99 it’s definitely worth picking up.


Presentation and graphics
Smooth parallax scrolling in a claymation style, that looks fantastic, one of the best looking shooters on the iphone


Great R-type-esque music, akin to something you’d find on the Commodore 64. Explosion effects are nice too.



If you love side-scrolling shooters, you’ll love this. Great controls, awesome enemies and cool weapons powerups. What more could you ask for?


Four Levels consisting of five areas each will last you a while. Plus there’s three difficulty settings. The game auto saves, so you can jump into an existing game anytime on the train or bus to work.


Game rating

Final word
A great shooter, looks great, plays great…. It’s pretty great! 

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