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Unique, weird and completely brilliant! I thought Plants vs. Zombies was the ultimate dichotomy of foes having at it. Now an even more outrageous combination of brawlers has entered the App Store: Pizza vs. Skeletons. And by golly it is a unique game not trying to cash in on the aforementioned title.

The game features a huge ass pizza that is trying to rid the world of skeletons, evil boss heads and at the same time save innocent puppies. As pizzas go this is truly complex with a lot of underlying emotional baggage. As with all pizzas it is of course fully customizable with new toppings, crusts, eyes, hats and other accessories. No matter how you dress it though it can’t give up on the mission to rid the world of skeletons. You can post images of your pizza directly to Twitter or Facebook, and the game comes with Game Center integration for scores and achievements.

The gameplay is as varied, as my local pizzeria menu. A couple of levels might have you brawling against skeletons with spears coming from the left, and then the right. Then you are off rolling down the slopes crushing skiers, jumping over rifts and collecting coins. This variation is what makes the game great, as no single type of gameplay would be strong enough to carry the game. It is such a long list of level types, but I have to mention the downright hilarious puppy rescue missions where you smash cages, and carry the puppies along Katamari-style.

The one factor that ties the gameplay together is the controls used for the entire game: tilt to move, tap to jump and tap to attack. The controls are tight, and especially the levels that forces the pizza to balance on a skull across a pit of spikes takes some real focus. Personally I really would have liked a touch controls option to complement the usage of the accelerometer.

Presentation is another strong aspect of the game with a great attention to detail both to the characters and background. I really enjoy the animations of the pizza, and the fact that the personality changes depending on your customization. The sound is good as well, and the musical jingles are memorable.

Pizza vs. Skeletons is a really fun game with a spanking new style of gameplay not seen before. The minigame nature of level design helps the game from falling into the rather usual samey trap that happens to a lot of iOS games. This is not a brawler, a platformer, a physics destruction puzzler or a cute customizable minigames. It is all in one sleek package, or rather it is all in the shape of a pizza. One bite might contain mushroom, another peperoni and a third bacon and together they taste awesome.

Final Rating


Pizza vs. Skeletons $2.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0
Seller: Riverman Media LLC

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