Pixel Defenders Puzzle review

I will smite thee with my mighty pixels!

Pixel Defenders Puzzle does something that I have actually wanted to see. I takes the match three evolution formula from Triple Towns, and infuses it with clear objectives and strategy. What I mean with match three evolution is that when you match three, or more, of the same object you get something new. Match three small houses in Triple Towns, and you get a larger house. In Pixel Defenders Puzzle you match pixels to create warriors, ninjas and special powers for example.

There are several game modes available, but all adhere to the core gameplay. In the campaign, endless and assault mode you get some extra additions such as being able to use stock items. Some levels in the campaign are puzzles instead of battles, and you have to make sure to clear the board from pixels, characters and other objects without running out of pixels to place.

The gameplay goes a bit like this for the battle levels found in the three game modes: you get a random pixel to place, and if you place three in connection you get a new unit. If you keep matching units you will create more, and more powerful units. As you create your matches you gain action points shown as hearts at the bottom of the screen. These action points are used to attack the enemy.

Enemies approach from the north, and have a turn counter on them. Once the turn counter reaches zero they attack your hero. To avoid this happening you have to kill them using your warriors. Each type of unit have their own abilities such as freezing the enemy, or adding poison effects. The more matches made to create the unit the stronger it is. To attack you select a warrior, and then the enemy. Tap again to confirm the attack. Mind you, attacks drain the life of your warriors and they turn into rubble once dead.

The enemy comes in waves, and you have to ward them off before they kill your hero. It might sound simple, but the further you progress the harder it becomes to make good matches due to rubble, trees and more colour pixels added.

The presentation is cute and clean, and perfect for the game making it pleasant to play for hours on end. I have a soft spot for pixel art, and retro graphics and Pixel Defenders Puzzle does them in a way that the experience is enhanced.

Pixel Defenders Puzzle is a great strategy game using the excellent match three evolution formula that feels fresh, and highly addictive. With loads of game modes, achievements and levels this is one of the best puzzle-strategy games in the App Store.

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Puzzle Defenders Puzzle $0.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod

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