Pirates vs Ninjas vs Zombies vs Pandas – Review

Angry Birds is the highest grossing game on the iPhone, it is the one to beat. PvNvZvP tries to do just that, but do they accomplish it?

Angry Birds has been out for quite a while now, so this genre of game is actually nothing new. Pirates vs Ninjas vs Zombies vs Pandas (or PvNvZvP) uses pretty much the exact same model as Angry Birds, where you have a few structures that have to be destroyed in order to get to your targets. The less “ammo” you use and the more structures you end up destroying, the better.

pvnvzvp01Of course, PvNvZvP has some new implemented features that actually set it a little bit apart from its father competitor. Most notably is the fact that you are not always killing the same kind of enemy. Depending on which “division” you are playing, will determine who your target actually is. There is a division for each of the four characters, they call it Everyone vs X (i.e. Everyone vs Panda…etc). The idea is that through the different levels you will be using pretty much all of the other characters and their derivatives in order to kill the desired target.

Each character has two variations: the normal one and the special one. The normal one for each is pretty much the same; they just follow the trajectory you direct them to. The special ones though, have different abilities that the player can activate while the ammunition is in mid air. It might sound kind of immature, but my favorite special one is the panda, called the “farting panda”; it is pretty funny and quite effective.

pvnvzvp03There are three other features that I actually enjoyed. One of them is the fact that in some levels there are two cannons that you can use. Therefore, you can shoot from either one of them at any desired time. The second one is that you can choose whichever character you wish to shoot next. This adds to the strategy of the game in the sense that the order that is given to the player at the beginning is not necessarily the best one. And last but not least, my favorite feature was that through the maps there are also “allies”. Meaning that there are different targets through the level that you can’t kill, if you do…you lose.

In the end, the game is definitely fun but however it’s presented, it can’t hide the fact that in essence it’s just another Angry Birds clone. So, if you are already bored with Angry Birds, there is a pretty big chance you will be bored with this one as well, even though it has all those nice new features. On the other hand, if you still love Angry Birds and want more of the same, then this will definitely give you plenty of hours of entertainment.


Pirates vs Ninjas vs Zombies vs Pandas is out now for iPhone and iPad for $0.99 . Get it on the Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies vs. Pandas - PAN Vision AB

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