Piranha 3DD Review

A game based on a terrible movie? This looks promising.

Movie games are usually bad. The developer is typically given a small amount of time to make the game, and the end product suffers. In the end, they usually feel more like a cash in on the movie’s hype and less like an attempt to make a legitimate product designed to impress gamers.

Piranha 3DD is not nearly as bad as I expected, which actually disappointed me. I went into this expecting an utter pile of garbage, and I walked away with the impression that this is just a fairly bland, average iOS game.

In Piranha 3DD, you play as the fish. Your goal is to eat stuff. You can eat other fish and more importantly, humans. You swim around one of the game’s two levels and try to eat as much as possible. If you go too long without eating, your fish will starve. You can also find orbs throughout the level that give you more Piranhas. This allows you to feast on your prey more quickly.

The game provides two control methods. The first uses tilt, and second uses touch. This is a rare instance where I actually preferred tilt over touch. Touch works fine for swimming around, but it is incredibly cumbersome when it comes to launching your fish out of the water to get humans on boats.

Speaking of launching out of the water, this is accomplished using an Angry Birds-like drag mechanic. You touch the screen behind your fish and send them flying into the air. Any humans they come in contact with will fall in the water, ready for you to swim up to them and have a little meal.

The problem with the aforementioned touch mechanic is that you must have your finger on the screen already, or it will think you are trying to create a joystick. This just felt awkward, and thus, makes the tilt controls the more fun way to play. In fact, I was surprised at just how well the tilt mechanic works.

Piranha 3DD includes two levels. Neither of them is anything special, but they both give you a place to swim around and eat stuff.

The sound and visuals in Piranha are decidedly average. The screams of the people as you eat them is funny at first, but becomes quite annoying after a while. The graphics look a little blurry and are just kind of “blah.”

Overall, Piranha 3DD is not the flaming pile of horse poop I expected it be, but it’s not a particularly good game. Unless you are a huge fan of the movie (is anyone?) or really like eating people, I would pass on this game.


Piranha 3DD is available now for free (limited time, regularly $.99). Get it on the App Store.

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