Pipe Mania review

I remember playing Pipe Mania (known as Pipe dream for you US readers) back in the good old 80′s on my friends Atari ST, as one of those free demo’s you used to get on floppy disks on the front of magazines. Originally developed for the Amiga, the game is a tile swapping game where the object is to lay grids of pipe from a list of parts, to allow the water from one end to flow to another, all before the timer ran out. Pipe Mania for iPhone is an official sequel to that game, that creates a remixed approach to the game through the use of more varied gameplay styles, bonus content and a story line.

pipemania1The game begins with a cool animated sequence introducing you Alfonso Senior a retired plumber living on paradise island, that has been ruined by Cowboy plumbers, in particular Buffalo Bonza. Through a voice over by Alfonso himself he then introduces you to his team, headed up by his son Junior and daughter Fawcett. The object is to travel the areas of the island sorting out the plumbing.

Presentation and graphics
A bright cartoon style that fits well the arcade feel of the game. The opening intro is nicely done, and the in-game graphics, while small, are easy to distinguish and look good for the most part. Menu’s are a little basic, but perfectly useable.

Your usually arcade style music. A bit sickly for my liking, but you can turn it off.

pipemania3Very addicting play, which ever mode you play in. It has that ‘one more’ go feel to it, and it’s perect for quick ‘on the move’ sessions. The touch screen controls work very well. People with chubby fingers may struggle due to the size of the tiles. If you are too young to remember the original, then you may have played a version in the game Bioshock, it was a mini game used to hack machinery.

This version of the game is overflowing with content [pardon the pun]. There are four modes, including the story driven World mode, a quick play Arcade mode… plus Bonus modes where you must complete pre-built pipes in quick succession, and Classic which lets you play the original levels from the 1986 classic of the same name. These modes are unlocked as you play through the World mode, where you visit a treasure room to unlock bonuses.


A solid puzzler, Pipe Mania brings a flood of modes [enough with the puns!] to a beloved classic. Available now for $4.99.

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