Pinball Maniacs Review

Are you crazy for some pinball? 

Pinball Maniacs is a rather interesting game. Instead of simply trying to recreate the experience of playing on a physical table, they embrace the fact that they are a video game. They add enemies and powerups that would be physically impossible on a real pinball table.

Out of the box, there are two different tables available. I am using the term available very loosely, because the requirements to unlock the second are pretty tough unless you want to make an in-app purchase. You will need 50 rubies, which are the higher tier of in-game currency. So even though it is included in the game, do not expect to unlock it quickly without spending some money (it would cost $4.99 to get enough rubies).

Each time you die, you have to pay coins to continue. For the first two or three continues this is no problem, but after that it can be pretty expensive. When you reach this point you can either start over or pay some real money and buy more coins.

Playing the game is a lot of fun, when you are not being bombarded with requests to share the game on Facebook, buy some coins or rubies and review the game on the App Store.

You tap the left side of the screen to control your lift flippers and do the same for the right. It works well, and I never found myself losing a ball because the controls felt unresponsive.

What makes the game cool is the adventures scattered in with the pinball gameplay. It’s similar to the mini games you would find in a real pinball machine, but with actual moving enemies that you need to hit with the ball for points. I really appreciated that the developers decided to embrace the fact that this is a video game and make it as such.

There are achievements for completing certain tasks, and beating enough of these is how you earn rubies. As I said previously, earning the 50 rubies to unlock the second stage will take an incredibly long time. However, with the different adventures and things in the first stage, there is plenty of game to at least keep you busy for a few hours, as long as you don’t mind their frequent attempts to sell you on in-app purchases.

Overall, this is a fun game that suffers from a developer going a little overboard trying to make some money. This game reminds me of going car shopping. Sure, it’s a lot of fun to drive new cars, but you have to deal with the salesman constantly trying to sell you on the car and not just letting you enjoy the ride.

Pinball Maniacs is available for free, as a universal app. Get it on the App Store.

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