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As life went by so did the winter of 1992, and the two teenagers who had played too much Pinball Dreams(review) all winter forgot about the Amiga. As spring turned into summer of 1993 Pinball Fantasies made us realise it was time yet again to man the shift keys in pursuit of the highest scores.

I remember it so well how we went out unsuccessfully cruising for babes on our mopeds that summer. Once out of petrol we went back to my friend’s home to play Pinball Fantasies. If Pinball Dreams had been a hit with us it was nothing compared to the more intricate tables in Pinball Fantasies.

Speed Devils

Speed Devils

Now Cowboy Rodeo has brought us a port of this classic pinball game from Swedish pride and joy Digital Illusions. Just like the Pinball Dreams port Pinball Fantasies is close to the original.

My favourite table in Pinball Fantasies has got to be the upbeat Partyland, but really all four are of good quality.

Presentation and graphics

Pinball Fantasies looks fantastic, and even though it was released just a couple of months later than Pinball Dreams graphics improved a lot. You can choose to play with the original graphics or with the new spiced up look.

There are lots of more things to do on each table, and they are larger with three flippers on all tables except the Stones & Bones table.

The main menu in Pinball Fantasies needs mentioning, as it is really beautiful with a floppy disk representing each table. The reflections underneath are breathtaking.


High quality music just like in Pinball Dreams. You can play your own music together with the superb sound effects.

Game play

Just tap the left side of the screen for the left flipper, and the right for the right flipper. Shake your iPhone to tilt the machine. You can choose to have free space beneath the table to have as a tap area in portrait mode.

Just like in predecessor Pinball Dreams you get a really hard difficulty, but I feel that an extra flipper gives a bit more sense of control. To me Pinball Fantasies is the best out of the Pinball Dreams Trilogy, and quite frankly the best pinball game I have ever played outside of a real one.



Game life

Just local high scores available which really draws the score down, global high scores please! Nothing to achieve or unlock in Pinball Fantasies.

Final rating

Pinball Fantasies is the best pinball game for the iPhone, there I said it. If you are looking for realistic pinball that is as hard as it is rewarding, look no further. It is quite expensive compared to other pinball games in the App Store, and hopefully there will be a lite soon to let you try it out if you feel hesitant. To me it is a no brainer getting Pinball Fantasies but then I have fond memories from the summer of 1993 to get back to when playing.
Pinball Fantasies $5.99

Stones & Bones

Stones & Bones

Billion Dollar Gameshow

Billion Dollar Gameshow

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