Pilot’s Path Review

A Pilot’s Path can be an … adventurous one.

My favorite thing about Pilot’s Path is the graphical presentation. In a game that is solely about flying in your helicopter, most of the time with autopilot on, it is a good thing that it looks colorful and intricate.

Pilot’s Path doesn’t do much in terms of gameplay. As a pilot for hire, it is your job to hunt for items across the large, randomly generated map. Pulling in more items allows you to increase your speed, fuel, cargo capacity, and other elements of your helicopter. There is a fun balance of how much you can bring in, vs. how far you can push your chopper. However; there isn’t much else to the game. While you do have missions to pick up specific items, the game is really about picking up everything you possibly can.

The flight controls work well- players use the on screen joystick to navigate about the map, and a separate stick to alter their altitude. While the controls are suited for the fetch quest centric gameplay, I can’t help but wish there was more reason for needing strong controls. I don’t mean to say that the game needs combat, but some added complexity or advanced objectives could have added tension to the game outside of its simple nature. I have the same complaint about the ‘RPG elements’ in Pilot’s Path that I do with 10,000,000; the game is focused on developing every upgrade path and not making too many interesting choices. Complex or not, the game is an overall inoffensive distraction.

Inoffensive until, perhaps, you meet the “sexy mechanic.” Getting upgrades requires a visit to the mechanic’s shop, where you will be greeted by a scantily clad, wrench wielding woman. That’s okay, games often feature women that are underclothed, and while I find it to be disrespectful it isn’t going to stop me from enjoying a good game. The mechanic will sell you gold to buy upgrades (the entire point of the game) for which you will have to pay with your real-world money. Most users that invest in the coins will be upset that all purchased gold will be erased when they move on to the second map- this is terrible and I don’t think the game warns you about it at all. I will leave out my usual IAP rant, and substitute it with the mention of the game’s secondary in app purchasing system. There is a special shop in which you can buy Lady’s Gifts for the mechanic: roses, a teddy bear, bracelets, etc.

I don’t know what buying the mechanic gifts does, but the game is rated for “Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content or Nudity,” and the top selling IAP is currently the “Flowers Gift.” I’m not going to give in to purchasing gifts for a virtual lady, but that is entirely up to the player.

Pilot’s Path is a mediocre game with an IAP system that can take away your purchases, and a secondary IAP system that could disappoint you in ways that I may never know.

Final Score: 


Pilot’s Path is available on the App Store for $0.99 as a Universal download

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