Pig Rush Review

Does this pig rush straight to your heart, or the recycle bin?

Pig Rush is exactly what it appears to be, an exceedingly cute and perhaps overly simplistic platformer.

From a gameplay perspective, Pig Rush is a simple clone of Canabalt that adds a double jump and the ability to pick up protective armor. To progress through the side scrolling levels, players need only tap the screen causing Jumpy the Pig to, what were you expecting,  jump his way to freedom while collecting as many points possible to post on the online leaderboards along the way. Complexity of gameplay is not what attracted players to Canabalt, nor is it a selling point of Pig Rush.

pigrush2What Pig Rush adds on top of these simple mechanics is what will draw in a fanbase. I was immediately taken in by the game’s colorful paper mario like graphics and cheery music. Just watching the world rush by as Jumpy hurtles from one sky platform to the next is pleasant in itself. Not to beat the Canabalt comparison to death, but both of these games succeed based on the stylistic veneer that has been attached to the rudimentary player interaction. The only thing stopping Canabalt from obscuring Pig Rush is that they are for nearly entirely different audiences. Pig Rush seems like the kind of game one lets his girlfriend play while waiting in line, or passes back to the kids during a car ride. This is not at all meant in a derogatory or sexist way, I am simply asserting that if a game manages to make even myself think, “hey that’s cute,” it will most definitely appeal to those not embarrassed to revel in something’s “cuteness”.

Jumpy the Pig’s run through farmland isn’t all sunshine and flowers, well it is, but severe framerate problems managed to thwart my enjoyment with nearly every jump. Once again I am going to come off as Mr. HardcOr3 G4m3r, but I can’t imagine that the framerate drops are bad enough to bother those that this game is targeted to. I never once died because of the framerate, but as a person who cares about that kind of thing it was enough to annoy me.

pigrush3Pig Rush includes a bonus mode titled, “Reindeer Rush”. Reindeer Rush is indeed simply a Christmas skin on top of Pig Rush, but the music that comes with the level is catchy and the absurdity of the whole situation managed to make me laugh out loud. This mode affords no other gameplay mechanics, except that while in the main game a Fireman’s suit powerup saves Jumpy from fire, only a wrapped present powerup will save the reindeer from the flames.

There is really not much more to say about Pig Rush. While it was clearly not meant for gamers with my specific taste, I had to come to terms with the fact that some people will love this. I am going to keep Pig Rush on my device, and being able to watch others’ reactions will be enough to validate it. Pig Rush, I have found, is a great game to pass around the family. Similar to Doodle Jump, it is immediately graspable and the visuals are inviting to the more casual crowd. This won’t be winning any game of the year awards, but the opportunity to brighten a friend’s day with Jumpy the Pig is worth the 99 cents for the warm and fuzzies.

Final Score


A very simple game with framerate problems that can still be enjoyed by many.You aren’t missing all that much if you give this one a pass.

App Store Link: Pig Rush

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  • Matt Allen

    good review