Piel Frama Nokia Lumia 920 iMagnum review

Great Spanish leather cases for the pride of Finland.

There aren´t that many cases available yet for the Nokia Lumia 920. Part because of the small market share for Windows Phone, and part because the phone is so darn sturdy in itself. A case has to add something extra that the design itself lacks. The iMagnum from Spanish Piel Frama adds a lot of features that makes up for the extra bulk it provides.

The iMagnum is a lightweight leather case that you slide the Lumia 920 into, and it is held in place perfectly without interfering with the screen estate. This is a great aspect of the iMagnum, and it doesn’t even have to hold onto the entire phone but it is enough with the left side, and lower right side. The flap cover is not key to keeping it in place, and I can’t even shake it out with the flap open. The flap folds completely backwards with ease. This makes it easy to use the phone when out walking, and texting. Hidden magnets inside the flap holds it shut when you don’t need to use the phone.

All is not perfect, and one issue that I scolded the iPhone 4/4S version of the iMagnum for is the poor cut-out for headphones. Just like the iPhone 4/4S the Lumia 920 has the headphones at the top. The hole in the case is too small, and you can’t have the flap completely open if you use headphones. This is incredibly annoying if you are out running, or walking and want to use the screen. The flap keeps shutting itself. This problem is not as annoying when sitting still at home.

The quality of the leather is great, and the soft sensation goes well with the cold plastic of the phone. The added grip is also great. The issue I have with the design is the fact that it is a bit boxy, and bulky. It kind of feels a bit like an old Volvo, and I would have preferred sleeker lines and have the case following the rounded lines of the Lumia 920.

Piel Frama has included a great swivelling belt clip that is easy to apply, and easy to use. This completes the package, and you get a really good solution for both work and leisure. When using the belt clip you can either just unclip it to use the phone, or slide the phone from the case. Either way work really well.

Piel Frama has once again showcased skill in designing great leather cases. The craftsmanship is spot-on, and even though the design could have been sleeker it is an incredibly useful case. As of today this is by far the best leather case on the market for the Nokia Lumia 920. Great protection, belt clip, added grip, soft to the touch and a cool range of colours make it a real winner.

Final Rating


iMagnum at €85

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