Piel Frama iMagnum for iPhone 5 review

Both the iPhone, and iMagnum has gone from good to great!

I had some concerns with the iMagnum for iPhone 4/4S due to issues with using headphones. The flap could not be fully opened with a set of headphones. Now the same design is back, but thanks to the headphones being moved to the bottom of the iPhone 5 the issue vanished. For the iPhone 4/4S the iMagnum was good, but for the iPhone 5 it is awesome.

The materials used are all high grade cow skin for the outer layer, and inner lining. Hard plastic is used as a rigid structure. There are no opening or ways to tell that there is a plastic structure beneath. The consumer only sees the leather.

For protection the iMagnum is great offering a well-rounded impact protection for the sides, back and front. Only the top right of the iPhone 5 is exposed due to having it open around the camera. I can accept that trade-off to not have to worry about any interference from the case when it comes to using the camera. This also means that the silent button is easy to access. There are cut-outs for the volume controls, and bottom lightning connector and speakers. All in all this is a handy case that allows full functionality.

The front flap has magnets built in that allow it to keep shut at all times. It is a cool move to flap it shut with a bit of a smack. There is no interference from the case on the screen estate, which is great.

The only issue I have had with the sample I have tried is the fact that the lining isn’t as tight as it should be. I can see a small crack where it is supposed to connect. If this is a general concern, or just the sample I have tried I can’t tell. It doesn’t affect the structure, or protection of the case but it looks kind of sloppy.

The iMagnum really enhances the cool look of the iPhone 5, and especially since it comes in a unified color it creates great contrast. I have used a black iPhone 5 with an orange iMagnum, and it looks amazing. It attracts a lot of attention both for the looks, and the fact that there is nothing in the way of the screen. A lot of leather cases come with borders that makes the phone look smaller, and is annoying when trying to type.

There is an optional belt clip included that is easy to attach using the complimentary screwdriver. This belt clip is strong, and I found it quite easy to detach the case from it. As it swivels it never gets caught in something, and if I walk into a desk it rotates back absorbing the impact.

Piel Frama has managed to create an amazing case with the iMagnum. It is a perfect companion for the iPhone 5 allowing full functionality in a sleek package. For those looking for a belt clipped option it is a no-brainer. Actually it is for those not wanting a belt clip too.

Final Rating


iMagnum at €85

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