PGA Golo Golf Dice review

PGA Golo Golf Dice might be the only casual game you will ever need for your iPhone, that is if you are already playing it. It combines golf, and casino dice games into a fresh game of strategy and chance.

In PGA Golo Golf Dice you play 18 holes of golf, each represented by a thrown dice. You play nine holes at a time, throwing nine dice at the beginning of the back and front nine. You then get to choose which dice to add to your score, and which to roll again. The goal is obviously to go around the course in the fewest strokes possible. You have to pick at least one dice every roll even if all turn out above par. To roll you either touch the roll button or shake your iPhone. There is no way to affect the roll, which omits skill in that aspect.

img_5020There are three game modes: practise alone, play versus the computer and challenge a friend. Challenging a buddy is the meat of the game, and you can play either iPhone versus iPhone or iPhone versus a computer user. Actually you can play PGA Golo Golf Dice for free on

The graphics are simple, and have a lot of attention to detail. Cute and funny animations accompany birdies, eagles, bogeys and double bogeys. There is no music, but amusing sound effects when animations run. A bit sparse but as it is a casual game to be played waiting in line or riding the bus it is acceptable.

img_5022There is a distinct addictive flair to PGA Golo Golf Dice, and I can understand that it is widely popular as a dice game. For an iPhone casual game it feels a bit lacking in content, and I would like to feel more in control of the game. Would also like the ability to fast forward when playing the computer, no need to see the choices made as you can’t affect them.

At $3.99 I think PGA Golo Golf Dice is too expensive considering you can play it online for free. I think there is a market for the game though as many players already registered at might want to have their favourite PC game on the go. The leader boards are excellent, and the fact that you can see your handicap evolve just as in real golf is great. If you haven’t played PGA Golo Golf Dice I recommend you to try the online version first to see if it hooks you before forking out four bucks.

Final Rating


PGA Golo Golf Dice $3.99

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    i dont like the graphics much