Perimetros Review

Sometimes  there are successful attempts at puzzle games. Sometimes there are mediocre attempts at puzzle games. Then sometimes there are games like Perimetros.  Perhaps it’s the poor jumpy touch “contol.” Perhaps it’s the horribly inaccurate tilt control. Perhaps it’s the fact that I had to read the instructions about 3 times to figure out that you basically have to cover all sides of the square in order to score. I wasn’t able to find this out myself, because it seemed that game felt it necessary to randomly decide to give me a game over, without warning.

img_0002The game tells you that you have to make a “perimeter” (aka, square) around the center box on the screen. However, the screenshot they give you makes you think your pieces will fit around the middle square. Not the case. Literally, you have to cover all 4 sides of the playing field completely to score.When pieces touch two or more sides of either playing field wall, or other pieces, they lock into place.

This takes FOREVER in earlier levels, and is painful due to inaccurate tilt controls, and shameful touch controls. When you try to drag a piece, it just randomly appears somewhere along the path you wanted to drag it. There’s no way to see a piece as you drag it, and no way to know where it goes. And until you get to later levels (luckily you can choose), it takes a long time for the pieces to fall where you want.

You would think a game like this would be fun for a fan Tetris, but it wasn’t. It was extremely frustrating, and not very rewarding. Maybe I’m completely missing something? There is also no sound, and almost nothing in terms of animation, although the old steampunk theme is cool.

Presentation & Graphics
Nice old style theme. Not much else to it.


No sound, but lets you play your own iPod music. Yay.


Frustrating to say the least. Very poor accelerometer controls, and near impossible to use touch controls. Having accurate touch controls could save this game. The slow pace of the game also makes it seem like eternity just to get one permimeter made. Imagine having to make 20.


20 levels (speeds) of gameplay. Local high score board.

Game Rating

Final rating!

I encourage you to download the lite version to try it out for yourself and let me know what you think. If I got it all wrong, and missed a key trick for this game, I will be willing to change my review score, which is not something we ever do here. At the moment, I just can’t imagine this game being enjoyable for anyone, and I wouldn’t want this to be the case if I just missed some major trick that makes this game fun.

Perimetros – $1.99

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  • erik

    Yes, there is definitely one trick you forgot to mention : DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!

    Tried Lite… waste of bandwidth….


    Stay away from the game!!

  • iPGN-Matt

    LOL Apparently my review was accurate. Good to know.

  • Jay

    i think this deserves 1.5 stars