PathPix and PathPix Pro review

PathPix is easy to describe but it is hard to tell why such a simple game mechanic can be so incredibly addictive. In PathPix you draw pictures by connecting numbers with lines. The numbers indicate how long the line is. A seven connects to a seven using five blank spaces, and the sevens themselves count as one each. The challenge comes from there being limited ways to draw the lines when every single space on the board needs to be filled.

img_0836When you complete all lines the picture zooms out, and you can see what you have drawn. Or to use the name of the game: you see what pix you have drawn paths for. The picture is accompanied by a short text with a quotation or some sort of philosophical thought connected to the image. This might not sound like much of a reward but it really feels satisfying getting this.
PathPix is not really a game as there is no time limits, and no real challenge except your own patience with solving puzzles. I scolded Triazzle in a review for lacking game elements, and the same can be said for PathPix as well. But somehow it is different in that you actually complete pictures, and there are not randomly generated puzzles. Still if you are looking for a challenge PathPix might not be for you.
To me it is so addictive to solve the pictures, and get a new one to complete. All of them are unlocked from the start, which means you won’t get stuck on a picture. All puzzles can be seen at the level select, and completed ones show the finished image giving you an incentive to complete them all.

The controls are really well implemented, and you get a zoom out feature by touching a button at the top right corner. To pan around the picture you have to make sure to touch a square without number, and then drag around to move. If you accidentally touch a numbered square you will instead start drawing a line.
PathPix comes devoid of all sound, and that is fine as it lets you resume your own music. As PathPix is perfect for all occasions from the quick toilet break to the long boring meeting the lack of sound is not a problem.

img_0837PathPix is a quality product that can help you waste your time in a sensible and meaningful way. And the quotes and philosophical thoughts might actually be beneficial to your mental acuity.  Once you are done with PathPix you can move on the slightly more challenging picture puzzles of PathPix Pro.

Final Rating


PathPix $1.99
Version: 1.2
Seller: Kris Pixton

PathPix Lite

PathPix Pro $2.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Kris Pixton


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    looks confusing!

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