Pastry Panic review

You know carbs aren’t good for you, don’t you?

The pastry factory has suffered from a serious meltdown, and machine debris is mixed with the delicious donuts. Now that is even worse for your health eating a cupcake with a bolt through it. To remedy the situation you have been sent down to manually remove all the debris, and save as much pastry as possible. Running like a madman across the treadmills, or using your supercharged tongue you have all odds stacked against you.

Pastry Panic is an arcade game inspired by the classic LCD games using a single screen for all the action. Touch controls are used for both game modes, and I have to say that when the going gets tough the controls get sloppy. Playing on my iPad I found my unnamed hero switching between treadmills when I was trying to just run in the opposite direction. I would have liked a keypad or virtual joypad instead of the rather free controls. Now you swipe up or down to move between the lanes, and touch on the right to move right and left to move left. An arcade game stands, and falls with the controls and I definitely find room for improvement here.

The two game modes are different, but use the same assets making them feel much the same. I prefer the Mad Dash mode where I get to run around, and the powerup pastries have immediate effects such as changing the direction of the treadmills. The Tongue Tied mode demands a bit more precision, as you have to grab everything using your tongue. Tongue Tied suffers even more when it comes to controls due to the fact that my finger covers the pastry I want to pick up, and I get to see if I have got it afterwards.

The reason I wanted to try out Pastry Panic in the first place is that I really like the main character. It resembles the creature that is found in Pix’n Love Rush. As you play you unlock new headgear, but other than that there isn’t any customization. The graphics, and assets are quite bland and compared to other casual games Pastry Panic isn’t a feast for the senses. The chiptune music is ok, but soon starts to feel repetitive. Considering that I am a fan of that genre it is a shame that it couldn’t have had more power to it.

Pastry Panic has some moments of fun when it all clicks, but these are not that frequent. Most of the time it feels like I am waiting for the pace to pick up, only knowing that I will curse at the controls once it does. Pastry Panic will probably hook some players, but it failed to hook me and left me feeling a bit bored.

Final Rating


Pastry Panic $0.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0.1
Seller: David Drew / Underground Pixel

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