Par 3 Golf II Quick Review

There are plenty of golf games out there for the iPhone. Many of them try to be too much, and fail due to falling short of a lofty goal. Par 3 Golf II isn’t an amazing game, but it’s simple and straighforward gameplay could work well for someone looking for a casual golf game.

Presentation & Graphics

Animations aren’t very good. The course look average, with poor textures taking the place of almost actual foliage most of the time. Course design itself is descent.



Also very average. Nice plus for not interrupting iPod play.


The biggest draw of this game should be it’s simple gameplay, and good ball physics. Other than occasionally accidentally starting a shot (which you can’t cancel out off), it’s very easy to choose your club, and aim and adjust the power based on wind speed and the green location. For casual gamers, this is a nice alternative to more complex golfing games, but other than that, it’s very average.

Game life:

There are 4 courses to choose from , with full 18 hole games taking quite some time. Unfortunately, there is nothing much else. No way to choose the skill level of your opponent, no way to play against friends, no career mode, etc.

Game rating:


Final word:
Par 3 Gold II is a very simplistic and average golf game. For some, this could be a welcome feature. Unfortunately, for the rest of us, this game will seem quite outdated for iPhone standards, and appears to be a port from much older phones. (Whether it is or not, I don’t know.) There’s no way I can recommend it for $4.99, but for 99 cents, it could make a descent little golf distraction.

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