Paper Ninja – review

Paper Ninja seems to follow a certain trend in the App Store. Branching off from Fruit Ninja and Veggie Samurai, but adding so much of its own flair that it puts a whole new twist on it. It’s $0.99 and currently growing popularity on the App Store by the hour.

Similar to Fruit Ninja, Paper Ninja is based on chopping through objects as they approach you, though this time it’s paper instead of fruit. Instead of being launched up, they come right at you head-on. There are only four varieties of ninja, and they only differ in how the hold their weapons. This limits the game and is a strike in my book. The game also frequently misreads your swipes causing you to sometimes lose.

The graphics are a moderately nice doodle style. Although this is a bit overdone on the app store at this point, I believe that this game can still be a keeper with updates. The ninjas come at you in paper ball form until revealing their true form and attacking! The blood splatter effect is a nice touch, reminding me a bit of Watermelon.

This game is best suited for people who enjoy 5-minute fixes and even more for fans of doodle-style games. It’s great for the fun and for the price. If the promised updates come in I’ll recommend it even more. This is a first release for Real Inverse and I can’t wait to see what they’re cooking up next.


Paper Ninja is out now for $0.99. Get it on the Paper

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  • iPhone addict

    Hmmm, looking at the game play video, this looks nothing like Fruit Ninja.

    You don’t see that much action and decision making in Fruit Ninja.

    But I guess the 2 companies are targeting very different audience here:

    Fruit Ninja – Casual fun gamers
    Paper Ninja – Action fast pace gamers

    But the game is definitely worth getting. It’s something you don’t see in the app store as mentioned by reviewer.

    I see the potential in this game, and hope to see the updates too.