Pac-Man Battle Royale for iPad… you are not dreaming!

As Pac-Man Battle Royale hits arcades, iPad owner’s get a little taste of the action too…

Back at E3 last June (2010), we were invited to a Namco event, where they unveiled the next evolution in their mascot franchise ‘Pac-Man Battle Royale’. The catch though was that it was a new arcade game only and not out for iOS. Up to four players take on the roll of four Pac-Men in top down action and follows a similar graphical style to Pac-Man Championship. The object of the game is to collect power pills and then chase down the other opponents. The last Pac-Man standing is the winner.

This week Namco announced the roll-out of the final arcade machines around the US and to celebrate they have surprisingly released a free one round demo of the game for iPad. It works just like the arcade version, only with virtual sticks instead of physical controls. However, after a win, the game boots you back to the title screen and an advert for their fan page. Still, this is free, but one has to ask when will a full PAID iPad version of the game be released? I guess we’ll have to wait at least for the initial excitement and popularity of the arcade version of the game to die down first before we will see it happen, but we can still hope for it sooner. Come on Namco!

iPad  owners can download the free version here. And you can check out our hands-on last year with the arcade version below.

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  • kais


  • pichito

    Does anyone have the game installed? Can you share the ipa file? It’s no longer available in the app store? I’ve looked everywhere for this game.