Ozone – review

Let me start preface this review by saying this: This game is awesome. It’s game perfect for fans of space shooters and puzzle games alike.

Going into this game the Gameplay will seem fairly simple. You go through each level collecting yellow dots and dodging numorus enemies. But it gets Harder. Your spaceship runs on a limited amount of air which acts like the ships fuel. You can replenish this air by visiting stations throughout the levels, but you have to look hard to find them. On top of all that you must get through each level without running out of fuel. You can lose air in many different ways, one way is to run into the many varieties of enemies in the game, and another is by running into obstacles, like spikes and balls.

742550_2There are many power ups in ozone. You have your standard lazer gun up to your crazy spread gun. There are also power ups that upgrade your ship, like an indestructible ball that doesn’t lose air and doesn’t get damage dealt to it.

The game starts of fairly easy making you face simple enemies and obstacles giving you a simple puzzle but the difficulty ramps up really fast in this game and almost starts discouraging the player into not wanting to retry. Although, the inclusion of online leaderboards kept me hooked and I was eventually able to beat the game in around 3 hours.

742550_4The graphics in ozone can be explained in one word: beautiful! The 3d and particle effects in this game are perfect and only add to the immersion. The colors are eyepoping and the ship itself is incredibly detailed. The graphics are just all around great.

Aurally it’s no slouch either. The sound in ozone is top-notch. It has a space vibe to it and the developers even went as far as to make the sound effects of the ship hitting the walls add to the tracks in the soundtrack. All the audio is crisp and I didn’t once feel the need to switch to my iPods’ music.

I love the artstyle in this game and the gameplay is engaging. And despite being very challenging at times, it kept me coming back for more.


Ozone is out now for $4.99 iPhone and iPod touch – Get it now on Ozone

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  • AnotherTim

    Looks good, but I need more info. What are the controls like? How many game modes are there? What kinds of puzzles does it have? Are there boss battles?

  • AnotherTim

    Oh yes, and maybe the most important detail of all–how does it run?