OtterBox Google Nexus 7 Defender case review

Android versus iOS is a battle that seems to go on forever, but most third party manufacturers thankfully don’t care and give the consumers equal possibilities for great accessories.

The Defender series has evolved into a complete reliable solution for anyone looking to keep his or her devices safe. The version for the Google Nexus 7 is not far in design from the one for the iPad Mini. I thought that was a great case, but had some concerns about the bulk added. The size of the iPad Mini is still a bit too big for me to handle with one hand, and I tend to hold it like the larger cousin. With the Nexus 7 on the other hand I tend to hold it in one hand, and actually use it that way much like a smartphone. Sure I can’t reach all the way across it, but for surfing the Internet or reading emails it works really well. When using it with both hands I found it a bit cramped, and hard to get a good grip on due to the thin size. When inside a Defender case I actually find it much easier to use it in the same way that I use the iPad Mini. I hold it with one hand, and operate it with the other. This is much up to personal taste, but I really like to be able to use it like a clipboard and pen. And I can still use it one-handed despite the case adding some bulk.

The three layers of protection the Defender provides is more than enough for most users. The only thing it lacks is waterproofing, but it is still quite competent at keeping rain and dust out. There are flaps protecting the charging outlet, and headphone socket. The screen is protected both by the borders extending on the front, and a built in screen protector. This has been improved over the years, and there are no watermarks or smudges to be found. No need for baby powder that plagued the early iPhone 3G Defender cases. I found the screen to be as responsive with the case on, as when naked.

The design is definitely though, masculine and uncompromising. I like that the Google cross pattern is used on the back of the case giving it personality, and showing what device is found inside. It also further enhances the already brilliant grip the case provides.

There is a stand included that allows the Nexus 7 to stand at two different angles for viewing movies, or typing. When not in use you can snap it onto the back, and use the Nexus 7 as usual. You can also snap it to the front if you want to store it in a bag, or have it with you in some particularly sticky situation such as hiking. Personally I tend to leave it at home, as there is enough protection without it and I seldom need a stand for this size devices. It is more of a bonus than a really useful addition, and I guess it is meant to show coherence in the Defender family. For the smartphone Defender cases this is a much more useful addition giving you a holster when out and about.

The OtterBox Google Nexus 7 Defender case is great at providing protection, a sense of brand recognition and grip. Highly recommended to all looking to transport, or use their Nexus 7 when out and about.

Final Rating


Google Nexus 7 Defender case at $69.95

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