OtterBox Defender and Commuter HTC One case reviews

Two great choices to avoid getting bumps, and scratches.

OtterBox is quick out of the gates with their most popular case designs for the new HTC One. The maximum protection Defender series has become a household name, and consumers looking for protection is referring to that they need an OtterBox.

It might be a strange notion to cover a unibody metal design like the HTC One in bulky cases, as the phone itself should be able to take quite a lot of abuse. That is true to some extent. On the other hand a beautiful design such as the HTC One, or iPhone 5 looks quite dreadful after a couple of bumps. When the iPhone 5 came along without the glass back people rejoiced because now there was no need for a case, but case sales grew anyway. Having the back scratched was an issue that became worse with a metal back. Furthermore a dent can’t be fixed as easily as replacing a glass panel. I would not be surprised if most users of the HTC One will end up having a case for their device to avoid dents, and scratches.

Defender series

The Defender has been a saviour for years now, and the design is getting more refined with every new device. For protection there is little out there to match it, and for the HTC One it is the only choice at the moment. If you are working in a harsh environment where drops, and bumps are a daily occurrence it is a must. It is also perfect for parents who want to let their children play games on the phone. It is not slobber proof, or water proof for that matter. It is however porridge, and you can dunk it in most kinds of food without any of it entering the case. It will of course mean a lot of cleaning up.

Three layers of protection is included: a built in screen protector, a hard polycarbonate skeleton and a thick rubberized exterior. The fit between the layers is excellent, and once on there are no flaps or uneven fittings. It feels like a coherent case, and the feel is excellent in the hand. It does add about double the size of the naked phone, and even those able to use the HTC One with only one hand have to resort to two hands for most usage. The grip is excellent due to the rubberized back, and sides. When talking it feels comfortable to hold for extended lengths of time.

All functions are available inside the case, and rubber flaps are used to protect headphone, and charging sockets. These are initially hard to open, but become easier with time to use. They are durable, and will stay shut even after years of usage. The speaker grills are exposed making sure you get the stereo sound that the HTC One provides.

The design allows some of the curves of the phone to remain intact. Most of the device is covered though, and for those fallen in love with the aluminium feel and look it might be a bit of a bummer. Still, as the speaker grills are seen on the front it is easy to tell what device resides within. Overall an excellent choice for anyone looking to keep their phone safe in almost all scenarios. The holster is a bonus that holds the phone well, and have a built in stand function.

Defender series at $49.95

Final Rating


Commuter series

The Commuter series is a personal favourite of mine, and has been ever since I first used it on an iPhone 3G. It combines a great level of protection with a sleeker profile. The design has evolved, and OtterBox has managed to make small tweaks to improve it over the years. I really like that there are cosmetic differences that give the case a different look depending on the device found inside. For the HTC One one of the corners on the back is made from the interior layer giving it some own personality.

The case is made from two layers: one inner rubber layer, and one hard shell exterior. The fit is spot on, and there are nothing detracting from the experience. Having the sides covered in rubber gives an excellent grip for playing games, or general usage. The bulk added isn’t overbearing, and most users can keep their style of operation.

For protection it is excellent, and as there is a screen protector included in the package you can use it in most conditions. There are rubber flaps for the headphone, and charging socket that gives the case some weather endurance as well. I have no worries taking calls using this, or the Defender, when it is raining outside. It is not waterproof, but definitely drizzle proof.

The Commuter series added grip, excellent protection and cool two-piece design makes it a winner. It is an everyday case that doesn’t detract at all from the HTC One experience.

Commuter series at $34.95

Final Rating


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