OtterBox Commuter Series for iPhone 5 review

Maximum protection in the smallest shape possible is here.

I love my iPhone 5, but I can’t stand the thought of it becoming scratched. I had hoped to be living a safe life without having to worry about a broken back screen that was always a concern with the iPhone 4 and 4S. Having seen scratched up iPhone 5s I really felt the urge for protection. As with the last couple of iPhone the first manufacturer to get quality products out is the one offering the most protection: OtterBox. When I first had the iPhone 5 in my hand it reminded me of the feeling of holding my first baby girl. Light, lovely and important and I always did my best to protect her. Having an extra pillow for support, avoiding stupid situations and encasing her in protective strollers and car seats. That feeling got to me with the 5 as well, and the Commuter is the perfect protective solution.

The Commuter series is the slightly smaller cousin to the maximum protection OtterBox Defender. It might be a little smaller, but in terms of protection it is definitely still a member of the maximum protection segment as well. The Commuter is made from two pieces: one inner silicone, and one outer hardshell. The inner silicone protects by adding impact resistance, while the outer is more about resisting piercing damage. Paired together the sum of the individual pieces is more than two, and the protection is definitely enough for any user. The fact that a screen protection film is included is also great, as it sets it almost level to what the Defender brings.

There are silicone covers for the Lightning outlet, and headphone socket. The one for the headphones works fine in getting it to actually hold shut, and cover the socket. The slightly larger cover for the Lightning outlet is not that good, and tends to flap about giving the entire case a slight downer when it comes to build quality. A shame since this is actually the only real negative of the entire case. I have tried applying the case on my iPhone 5 in different ways, but I can’t get a better fit for the bottom silicone covers.

Having the case protruding over the screen gives protection for the screen, but also interferes ever so slightly when using the phone. Not by much, but when you remove the case you really feel the difference. Still I think it is a small sacrifice considering how safe the phone feels, and I have dropped it a number of times without getting heart palpitations.

The bulky style of the Commuter series comes with the purpose, but somehow it feels streamlined compared to earlier models. Perhaps because the actual phone inside is thinner, but somehow it also feels more agile and sporty.

The Commuter for the iPhone 5 is a great case for protection, grip and style. Launching with a number of contemporary colour combinations OtterBox has stepped up the game, as the tradition has been to only launch in black. If you are looking for an everyday case that you can feel safe lending your phone to your child, or clumsy cousin this is it.

Final Rating


Commuter Series at $34.95

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