OtterBox Commuter Samsung Galaxy S4 case review

OtterBox is quick out of the gates as usual when it comes to providing excellent protection for new devices.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 got the Defender, and Commuter series first with more to follow. My first review unit is the Commuter series case in black.

The Commuter has been around for quite a while, and for the most part it has improved with every new device it has been made available for. For some strange reason this is not the case with the Commuter for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

It is made from two parts: one interior soft rubber layer, and one external hard exoskeleton. This provides excellent protection from bumps, and scratches. The entire back, all sides and front is protected. A hefty lip around the screen makes sure that you can drop it face down without much to worry about, as long as it falls on a flat surface. The case also comes with an additional screen film that you can apply if you want to feel extra safe.

There are rubber flaps protecting the charging, and headphone socket. These are easy to remove, and most headphones fit without any problems. The power, and volume buttons are also well-protected by a layer of rubber. This makes them stick out a bit, and I found them really responsive.

What I don´t like that much about the case is that it doesn’t add any extra grip. Most versions of the Commuter have had rubberized backs, or at least corners that have given awesome grip. For the S4 version there is slippery plastic instead that isn’t that nice to hold onto.

Something OtterBox does well is incorporating design elements of the hardware inside. In this case the back has the same look, as the back of the S4. A nice touch indeed.

For protection you can’t go wrong with the OtterBox Commuter, and despite having less grip than I expected it is still a great case.


Final Rating


Commuter series at $34.95

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