Organ Trail review

Follow the TouchGen Organ Trail.

Go, run like hell. The zombs are coming!
No Kevin slipped on one of Nigel’s crumpets, Kevin noooo.
Come on TouchGen lets run to the stationwagon!
Where did Nathan go? What he had to go back for his mint condition Famicom?
What the frack, we have lost two and the trail hasn’t even started.

Ok, let’s recap here. Zombies overran us when the team was gathered for the first time somewhere in the US. Nathan, and Kevin are gone already. Nacho is hanging on, but broke his leg. Nigel, Matt, Dave and myself are fine. Shaken, but at least not dead. We have some food, or rather stuff with cheese on it as we are somewhere in the US. The stationwagon was supposed to be the dwelling for Dave, as he misbehaved badly during the last hotel stay. Now we all have to stay in it, and his personal belongings are scattered all over it. No time for that now. Nacho is the only one packing heat, and Nigel has a nasty knife. I have sharp stick, and Matt is lugging around Nathans Nintendo zapper light gun.

Safe inside the car we cruise across the land when we come across a vast expanse of walkers. We have to make a decision on what to do, and Dave wants us to go in guns blazing. We give that a go, and Matt is lost trying to hold back the horde with Nathans zapper. The rest of us regroup in the stationwagon, and sneak by. When we finally reach the next city we are exhausted, and all out of food. Nacho’s leg is getting worse, and there is some green ooze coming from it. I have to go look for food when the others make camp, and rest. Armed with a rifle found along the road I scavenge the forest. I find food, and a pile of scrap but the myriad of zombies overwhelms me, and I have to flee. Only managing to grab a couple of cans of corn, and a piece of scrap I am still happy to be alive. We meet up with a couple of folks that trade us a medikit for the cash meant to buy the new iPhone 2012. Nacho is now patched up, and with some food we all feel better.

The next day we push forwards, but we don’t make it further than a couple of miles when a gang of bandits appear. They try to take shots at us using shotguns, but Nigel who is used to driving fast and reckless ram them off the road. The stationwagon has taken another beating, and we have to stop to patch it up. Nigel gives it a go, but the repair is failed. Nacho gives it another attempt with our last scrap, and this time he has managed to repair the valves using wire. While Nacho was under the car he got bit, and now we have to decide what to do. We can’t decide what to do, and Nacho keeps insisting he is fine. We load up again, and enter the highway.

Dave has got a bad cold, and is lapsing into a deep fever. We have to stop to get a new medikit. Nigel, and me head over to a couple of people by a fire. We manage to buy a medikit using the money meant for the iPad Mini 2012. Nigel also sings a tear-filled ballad, and manages to get us some more food. When we get back to Nacho, and Dave it is all too late. Nacho has turned into a zombie, and is feasting on the unconscious Dave. We have to put them both down.

With sadness we start the engine once more. The car hobbles, sputters and is in general disarray. Another gang of bandits approach, and even though Nigel does his best to ward them off we both get injured. With only one medipak I offer it to Nigel who is in better shape to drive.

Almost dead tired Nigel approaches a stampede of animals. We don’t know where they come from, but they are trampling at the car. Nigel is too exhausted to steer properly, and a huge elk stamps the stationwagon to a halt. The car is on fire, and we can’t get out. And thus ends the Organ Trail for TouchGen.

Ok, basically the classic Oregon Trail with a cool zombie skin. You create a party, and try to survive for as long as possible. You might even make it out alive. Keeping the team members alive, fed, watered and rested is key. It is even more important to keep the stationwagon healthy, as you won’t get anywhere on foot. As the classic Oregon Trail the game is all random, and the challenge is to adapt. Finding scrap to repair the car might not have been the plan, but because of a bandit attack you have to change your plans.

The presentation is 16-bit to mimic the original, and it works wonders for this type of game. Putting in the names of friends, family or co-workers means that you kind of use your own imagination to fill out the blanks. This makes it even more horrific than if it had a more realistic graphical presentation.
The sounds are also classic chirps, bleeps and clicks. A cool chiptune soundtrack powers up at times, and gives the game more pulse.

Organ Trail is immensely fun to play a couple of times, but after that the fun vanes. Then it starts to feel a bit repetitive. If you have a number of friends around you it might be fun to play just to see what happens to whom, but other than that this will have lost most appeal.

Organ Trail is a fun remake of a classic. Set in the quite popular zombie apocalypse universe it is easy to find movie references, and get into the survival mode. Hard to fully recommend, as it isn’t fun in the long run but on the other hand it might be worth to see what happens to your mean cousin Randy who you have placed in the final seat of the car.

Final Rating


Organ Trail $2.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0
Seller: The Men Who Wear Many Hats LLC

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