Numba Review

Review by Dave LeClair

Currently i-Play has 2 big releases on the app store, and a third on the way. Judging by their first game I have played, called Numba, we should all expect big things out of them, because Numba is a very well polished game that is worth checking out. Read on for full review.

There is an insane amount of puzzle games on the app store, so it takes a lot for a puzzle game to make me stand up and take notice, but Numba managed to accomplish that. It’s an interesting new take on the matching puzzle games that involves numbers rather then colored tiles. By using numbers, there is a lot more flexibility in the patterns that you can make.

First, let me explain exactly how Numba works. There is a game board filled with various numbers, your objective to make chains out of these numbers. The challenge is that the numbers have to be touching each other in order to make a chain. Chains can consist of all of the same number or one of the various types of sequences. Sounds simple enough, right? Well to make things a little more interesting, they throw different types of numbered pieces at you, such as chameleon pieces, which changes number every time you make a more, or fire pieces that disappear after a certain amount of moves and become blank spaces.

There are three different modes in Numba, these are: Classic, Timeless and Puzzle. Classic mode is a progression based mode, where you have to advance from level one to the end, and the levels develop in difficulty. Timeless mode just lets you play with making chains to see what kind of scores you can put up. Last there is puzzle mode, which gives you preset puzzles and you have to figure out how to get rid of all the pieces. Of all these modes, I think I spent the most time with Puzzle mode, but they are all a lot of fun, and are all addicting.

The also offers an incredibly in depth tutorial before you start a new mode, which is great the first time you play because if explains all the in’s and out’s of playing the game. It’s one, if not the best, tutorial I have come across in an iPhone game.

Numba is incredibly well polished. All of the menus look great and are clean and easy to navigate. Once in a game everything looks very polished, especially with how simple it is. My one complaint here comes in the form of loading times. While the graphics are very polished, it still seems to take a pretty long time to load a game, but that’s nothing that’s going to ruin your fun.

Sound in Numba is also very well polished, the sound effects are not all intrusive and are actually enjoyable to listen to.

Overall, I have no problem recommending Numba to fans of puzzle games. If you like numbers, and you like puzzle, then for only $1.99, Numba is the game for you.

Presentation & Graphics

Very well polished, the menus all look incredibly clean and the overall game is just nice to look at.


Very nice sounds, nothing mind blowing, but it is enjoyable to listen to.


Very addictive gameplay, offering up three different modes of play, there is a lot of fun to be had, as long as some kind of long load times don’t bother you.

Game life:

Offers 3 different modes of play. If you are into this type of game, there is basiclly an endless amount of fun to be had here.

Game rating:

Final word:

A very deep puzzle experience, if you are into puzzle games, Numba is a great choice for you. If you are into numbers, Numba is a great choice for you. There is a ton of depth in the this game, and it’s something that any iPhone gamer should enjoy.

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    I’m stuck at level 46 ( shifting tower) for days. It’s very frustrating.. Please help.
    thanks a lot