Noreve Tradition iPhone 5 case review

Luxury from France now for the iPhone 5, Vive La France!

Noreve from France is a manufacturer that I have sampled for the Samsung Galaxy S3, and now a version of the same case is available for the iPhone 5. The cases are similar in most regards such as the great attention to detail, fit and general feel of luxury. On one point they are significantly different, and that is the fact that the iPhone 5 version lacks the belt clip.

The black version of the Tradition melts completely into my black iPhone 5. When closed it is only the Noreve logotype that gives it away, as not being completely in symbiosis. Without the logo I would have a hard time finding it in dark, or even dimly lit conditions.

The case has a front flap that extends from the bottom, and hooks onto the top of the phone. I would have preferred a magnet solution to allow the flap to be flat. The only vulnerable spot on the case is the hook that sticks out from the flap, and if it breaks the case won’t hold shut.

The fit of the case is almost perfect. I write almost because the case could be tighter. When squeezed there is a definite hollow between the case, and the back of the phone. Compared to the iPhone 4S the iPhone 5 with the Tradition case is still slimmer, but it could be even skinnier.

The lining is color matched, and soft against the screen. I dropped the phone onto one corner, and the case took the hit and the screen managed to poke a hole in the lining. Much better than the actual phone being damaged, and since it is a leather case it still has the same functionality intact.

What makes the Tradition so great is how well it manages to keep the screen free from any intrusion, and all functions intact. The speakers work, and when closed I have access to the headphone socket and silent button. A cutout around the volume controls, and mute switch is properly sized, as is the camera cutout.

The Noreve Tradition is a slim, and extremely lightweight leather case that is both practical and luxurious. It gets my total recommendations despite not having the belt clip option.

Final Rating


Noreve Tradition at £39.99

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