Noreve Tradition HTC One case review

Leather and aluminium is a really perfect fit.

As with all products I have reviewed from Noreve the quality is excellent, both when it comes to materials used and workmanship. There are two versions: an ordinary tradition, and one with two credit cards slots on the back. Depending on where you order from there are also some colour options. For complete customization you can order directly from Noreve. A lot of different colours, leather treatments and two clip versions are available. The version I have tried for this review is an ordinary black Tradition case without any extras, and this is the most commonly found at retailers.

Sliding the HTC One into the case is easily done from the top, and the fit is excellent. The case doesn’t intrude on the screen at all, which is always a huge plus when it comes to leather cases. You have access to all functions, and ports when the phone is inside the case. The cut-outs for camera, volume buttons, charging socket and noise reduction microphone on the back are perfect and aligns perfectly to the phone. Worth noting is that you have to keep the case open when charging, as there is no cut-out in the front flap. This is only a minor complaint, and most prefer to have the screen visible when charging anyway.

For protection the Tradition offers great screen, back and side protection. The only vulnerable spot is the top of the phone that is bare even when closed. For most users this is still sufficient, and the HTC One doesn’t really need much protection for the back anyway due to the build of the phone. 

The case follows the curves of the HTC One quite well, and keeps the back quite rounded. It also offers a softer grip than using the phone bare, and especially when cold it is nice to have leather instead of metal to hold onto.

The front flap is held in place by a leather piece at the top. Personally I would have preferred some kind of magnet solution. Still it is better than having a button, and it is easy to open and close. Open it can be done one-handed, but I found that I needed both hands to close it properly. When making calls, or using the phone the flap can be folded back completely flush against the back. This makes it quite bulky, but works better than having it hang down flapping in the face of the user making a call.

As with all products from Noreve it feels like a luxury just to open the beautiful box. Inside is a pouch protecting the leather, and giving it some extra flair. The Noreve branding is found inside the lining, and both the front carries the logo while the back says noreve saint-tropez. This is the level of branding I think a high-end leather case should have to showcase that it isn’t a five buck ebay listing.

For those looking for a leather case that keeps the lines of the HTC One intact, and doesn’t interfere with the screen the Tradition from Noreve is a great choice. High quality leather combined with a design that takes the user in consideration is another set of highlights.

Final Rating


Tradition at €47.99


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  • Matt

    Of all the leather cases I’ve seen this one looks as classy and expensive as the smartphone inside it.