No Human review

Let’s be honest now people, us humans are a bit of a pest to the rest of the universe. We fill space with “garbage” in the form of satellites to allow us to watch sit-coms, TV-shop and whatever can numb our minds for hours on end. Of course this would lead to the universe feeling a need to rid the space from our debris. And in No Human you get to help out clearing away our intergalactic junk.

No Human is a physics puzzle playing pool with asteroids. An active usable asteroid is orange with a glow around it. Once you have flicked it away it is no longer usable, but if it passes a grey inactive asteroid it activates it. The goal of the 50 levels is to smash the satellites or astronauts from space. Once your asteroid or space debris hits the satellite a small animation ensues zooming in on the damage done.

img_1138The retry button is something frequently used to be able to retry and readjust the trajectory. Once completed you can also retry a level to get a better score, but at times I have hit the retry by mistake. This forces me to redo the level, and at times that can be frustrating. Once completed you can replay the levels, and retry the levels you have skipped past.

I found the game extremely enjoyable, and because of the tactile direct control of the asteroids it feels responsive. Some of the levels need to have a strategy in several steps to complete it. These have been my favourite moments when large magnetic space bodies need to have their magnetic polarity changed by smashing into them. Of the 50 levels these are too few, and with the skip level option the game can be completed within an hour. Even with online scores this is too little content offered.

img_1116The presentation is sparse, but still suitable to the game. Not really a game showcasing the processing power of the iPad or iPhone 4. There is no music, and the sound effects are sparse and quite simple. You can play your own music alongside the sound effects.

No Human is a fun game, but the thin content and sparse presentation draw the score down. If you are into either pool or physics games this will definitely appeal to you for that hour it takes to complete the 50 levels. This is a classic case of how much is your enjoyment worth? It is an iPad/iPhone universal, and the experience differs somewhat between the devices making it more valuable to those using both an iPad and iPhone.

Final Rating


No Human (universal) $1.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Rolf Fleischmann
Tested on an iPhone 3G and iPhone 4.

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  • LBG

    Good review. This game has good gameplay mechanics and great potential, but unfortunately it lacks the content and presentation of a top quality game.

  • dweeb

    Lacking content is forgiven at the lower price point imo. Would you rather play a super short, clever game with a personality and sense of humor or another f@#$%ing run and jump till you die game? And which actually has more content when you think about it? Sometimes it’s quality, not quantity.