Ninja Rally quick review

A rally game featuring ninjas? Nope Ninja Rally has nothing to do with high speed gravel races through the woods of Sweden. Ninja Rally is about rallying ninja troops, hence the word rally.

The gameplay found in Ninja Rally is all about following the leader. You get five ninjas on screen, and they can perform three different actions: standing still, walking and running. One of the ninjas is the leader, and you have to get the four other ninjas to mimic the action of the leader. You do this by tapping on them until you get the correct action. Once all are following the leader your school rallies troops. The leader ninja changes randomly, and all ninjas tend to change their actions whenever they feel like it. I thought ninjas had strict discipline. img_0199You can use rallied troops to attack the enemy school by touching the attack button at the bottom of the screen. A shuriken is thrown at the enemy school at the top of the screen. More troops equals bigger shuriken. The enemy school can respond and stop your attack. You do this until you get the enemy to surrender when their health reaches zero or until the same thing happens to you.

The gameplay in Ninja Rally is really easy to understand, and to me it is too simple to get me hooked. The developers have really worked on fleshing out the game with a story, online scores and multiplayer. This might sound like a lot of value for your buck but the game lacks the fun factor needed to get you to actually want to play it.

The story is about different ninja schools and forbidden love, cheesy. You can choose to play as either a male or female ninja. It is being told in cartoons but it never manages to be fun or provocative, just generic soap opera characters dressed up as ninjas. The music is good with a funky Asian vibe to it that I like. Your own music fades out when you start the game. Another annoyance is the vibration when you get attacked, I didn’t find a way to turn it off.

img_0196Graphics are clean but nothing special. The ninjas only have the three animations corresponding to the action they perform.
Finally I have to complain about the ninja theme. Ninjas don’t behave like those found in Ninja Rally, THE NINJA in I AM NINJA would eat these ninjas for breakfast. Ninjas don’t go around following leaders in open battle. Heck they assassinate leaders when they least expect it.

Game Rating


Ninja Rally has got quite a lot of content but sadly the basic game mechanic is quite boring. I think you could use your buck more wisely grasshopper.

Ninja Rally $0.99

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  • Nathan Mustafa, USA

    Once again, Torbjorn, I believe your concept of “rally” is thrown off by your Swedish view of the world. In other parts of this planet that don’t enjoy salted moose candies, rallies consist of (as you ironically noted): “standing still, walking and running”. While they may not be exciting, I was glad to see ninjas thrown into my national sport in a way that doesn’t seem like a shameless cash in. I think this is just a cultural thing :P

  • Rock $ Rolla

    Why did they even decide to make the game.


    no idea

  • Brian

    I don’t no Nathan, I’m from the US as well and the first thing I thought of was rally racing.

  • Nathan Mustafa, USA

    Same Brian. It was teh jokez