Night Flight HD review

Run Teddy run, in your plane…

Ever dreamt you were stuck in a nightmarish house of horrors? I have after a marathon of Saw, Hostel and other cruel slasher horror flicks. I don’t know what our hero Teddy in Night Flight has dreamt, but he wakes up in a toy factory intent on killing him. Thankfully someone has supplied him with a small plane, and enough fuel to escape the factory one room at a time.

Night Flight is a arcade flyer where you have to find the exit, and escape. Finding, and pushing the key button to open the door soon becomes mandatory. New obstacles, and opportunities are introduced all the time to keep the game fresh. As the game is viewed from the side with 3D graphics there are some clever depth aspects to the game that is layered. Going through a pipe might land you in a layer behind the one you were in making the levels much deeper.

Controlling Teddy is simple enough, as you only have to touch to pivot him forwards, or backwards. The hard part is actually developing your skills to tackle levels as efficiently as possible. Grabbing all stars, completing levels quickly and reaching high top speeds determine how many stars you are awarded upon completing a level. It is not clear what times, and speeds needed beforehand, which is kind of troublesome. Still most levels need to be replayed a couple of times anyway to find the quickest routes.

Night Flight is starts on a high note, but it feels like it doesn’t really go anywhere from there. The same basic mechanic is repeated over, and over again. Sure new enemies, and longer levels means that I am always challenged. Still I would like to see more variation, or at least some cool chances to modify and customize the plane.

The presentation is ok with a combination of dark moods, and fun toy factory colors. There is something slightly off when it comes to clarity of surfaces, and especially on the New iPad I think the game feels kind of murky and washed out. Much of the graphics feel like they have been used before in other games published by Chillingo for example. I am not sure if this is due to using the same kind of assets, or developer tool kits. Something that looks really good though are the movements of Teddy, and his plane and the trails it makes.

As for music, and sound it is also ok for the game. I would have liked to hear haunting remakes of children’s tunes to go with the toy factory escape theme.

Night Flight provides quite a lot of gameplay, and if you chase all stars and Game Center achievements you can sink several extra hours into it. It is a fresh concept that I have not seen before, and should appeal to both arcade, and puzzle gamers.

Final Rating


Night Flight HD $1.99
Version: 1.01
Seller: Cezary Rajkowski

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  • JayDex

    I felt this game was very loose. The graphics are fantastic and the lighting is unbelievably good but the controls were loose. Often when I played the plane would either crash as the difficulty increases & there are some levels which are practically impossible to complete.