NFL Flick Quarterback review

Who wouldn’t want to be able to throw a straight game winning pass to a receiver while avoiding getting sacked? Exactly, none that is. In NFL Flick Quarterback that is something you will be able to do over, and over again. It simplifies the American Football experience down to a third person quarterback perspective. What Backbreaker, and NFL Rivals do for the running game and defence NFL Flick Quarterback does for the passing game. And since passing is the most precise aspect of the game it is great that it is the experienced folks at Full Fat Games that translated it into bytes and bits.

img_6242There are a couple of different game modes in the game, but all have the same control method. You swipe from ball to intended target with your finger of choice. Swiping left, right, up or back adds spin to the ball counter affecting a bad throw or strong wind. It is a great responsive control method previously seen in for example Flick Golf Extreme. When I miss it is because I fail to focus, or hold the phone in a strange position.

The main game mode is the playmaker mode where you have to pass to a receiver, while of course avoiding interceptions. The receiver has a circle beneath showing red for covered, and green for open. As you progress the defence will start trying to sack you, but with a flick of a finger those are easy to avoid. As wind, distance and defender interference increase so does the difficulty. Other game modes include the Trick Shot that lets you aim for a bucket, and Trick Shot XL that turns the game into almost a bowling game. Hit a bucket, and make sure to add spin to get a big explosion to floor the other buckets around it. This game mode is my personal favourite, as it has a clear ending after a set number of rounds. It is perfect to chase your own high scores in, and with a set length it is also perfect for the 2-minute break.

NFL Flick Quarterback is at heart a casual game with a lack of content. Sure you get to create your own QB from your favourite team, and from that point on information centres around that team. What it lacks is more progression than the level upgrades found now. Within thirty minutes most of the game is unlocked, and you are left with basically the same game as Paper Toss. It does look a lot better, but still you are throwing balls in buckets taking wind in account.

bildThe presentation is the strongest aspect of the game, and oh boy it looks good in motion. The player animations are top notch, and all backgrounds and menus are well presented. Overall it might still have some way to go to reach the level of polish found in NFL Rivals. The music, and sound effects are ok. Nothing I would remember, but nothing that bothers me either. You can play your own music as well.

At the current asking price the content is a bit thin for what is basically a Paper Toss set in a NFL universe. It is still great fun, and getting more knowledge about the team of choice is a nice addition. For those who dream of pulling off those perfect passes this still comes highly recommended.

Final Rating


NFL Flick Quarterback $2.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Full Fat Productions Ltd.

NFL Flick Quarterback HD $4.99 iPad Only

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