NFL 2010 Review

If I had to use one word to describe the game of football (American football) it would be intensity. Starting up Gameloft’s NFL 2010 you get this feeling right away, the opening video pumps you up, while the sounds and interface immerse you in the full experience.

My first time through I decided to play an exhibition game, 49er’s v. the Patriots, (all the 2010 NFL teams are there). The game fired right up on my 3GS as I saw my team running into the stadium. The players look, and act good, but I was disappointed when I saw the crowd. Instead of some kind of movement you only get static paper dolls to make the stadium feel full. I know we can’t render a whole stadium worth of people, but it would be nice to see the crowd moving up and down or something.

original-3Once in game I forgot about the paper mache crowds and focused on playing the game. NFL 2010 does a good job of giving you a lot of options. You have over 200 plays in the game to choose from to keep things interesting. Choosing the plays can be a bit of a problem. You have a coverflow type interface but in practice this could use some improvement. You have to dig through a lot of nested menus to get the plays you need and it can take a lot of time. I imagine if you are really into this stuff you might really enjoy this, but for me even getting through the basic plays can be time consuming.

originalNFL 2010 offers several game modes, Quick Play, Exhibition, Season, & Playoffs. In Quick Play the game will choose 2 teams for you and your dropped directly into a game. In Exhibition you are able to choose any two teams you want to play against each other. Season mode lets you pick a team and play through the entire 2010 season, and Playoff mode lets you pick your team and jump right into the playoffs.

In game the controls are very good. Gameloft uses their standard analog stick which works well, and a series of action buttons which original-2change depending on what you are doing.

In most cases this works really well. I really enjoyed running with the ball and using my action buttons to spin or dodge the oncoming team. The controls only gave me trouble in 2 situations. First, when playing defense it was a bit weird not to have a tackle button, the game does it automatically when you get close. Although this does work I would prefer to hit a button myself. The second problem I had was with passing. It seems overly difficult to catch a pass in this game.

Like most games of this type there is a bit of a learning curve, but once you play a bit you will be flying through games. By far this is the best football game on the iPhone and will offer you a lot of fun. In game the details are rich and it’s easy to get lost in the experience. If your a fan of Madden and other football games, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick this title up.

Presentation & Graphics
Some parts of the graphics are great, but others just aren’t, overall the graphics are good, but nothing that will blow you away.

The sounds in this game are excellent, from the announcer to the in-game sounds the polish is top-notch.

The gameplay is good, but not great. Passing is difficult and you spend to much time fighting with the menu to select plays.

There is a lot to do in NFL 2010, in fact in season mode you need to play every game.

Game Rating
NFL 2010 is the best football game for the iPhone. Despite it’s shortcomings you can have a lot of fun with this title.

NFL 2010 ($7.99) Don’t try downloading this title over WiFi, it’s nearly 100 megs.
On Gameloft’s Facebook page you can enter to win a contest to meet Ray Lewis, click here to check it out.

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  • iPhone App Reviewer

    Heh, as if football’s play and repeat style that bores me to tears was enough. Tap, tackle, stop gameplay. Boring.

  • 23qwerty

    If almost 1/10th of a gig equals almost a gig, then sure, it’s almost a gig.

  • Rock $ Rolla

    pretty cool

  • Tyson Edwards

    this is definately on my iphone right now