Newtonica, the Original

Don’t confuse this one for Newtonica 2. This is the original Newtonica. The one you looked at but never bought, ya, that one. Want to know if you missed out? Click more for the details.

Newtonica is simple, unique, and fun. This game reminds me of classics like asteroids, missile command, breakout, and others. It has the stuff to become a new classic that you can play over and over again.

The Basics

img_0066Imagine a snow globe. Inside this snow globe is another globe. This inner-globe is dissected into 4 sections pink, purple, pink, purple. When you rotate the snow globe the globe inside slowly turns after it. This is how the physics in newtonica work. You don’t actually turn the globe, you turn the outer globe and the inner one follows after it. This creates lag when turning the ball or changing directions.

Now you have these pink and purple “asteroids” falling toward your globe. You need to turn your globe to have each piece land on the same colored section of the globe. If a section hits correctly, you earn a dot on the progress bar, if it doesn’t hit the right area, you lose a dot. When you run out of dots the game is over. If you fill up the bar you move on to the next level. As you progress your asteroid frequency increases.

The Good

  • Newtonica is a delight to play. This unique form of locomotion is fun. It’s cool to give your ball a whirl and see how the inner ball behaves.
  • The sound is simple but well matched. As you get points or lose points, or move to the next level the music is seamless and upbeat.
  • It’s simple enough to start playing quickly, but fast paced enough to keep your interest. I find myself coming back to this game again and again.
  • Once you get past the first levels progression picks up and keeps the challenge and your interest up.
  • Random items may fly across the screen like a rubber duck. Not sure why it’s there but it’s kinda neat.

The Bad

  • The simple gameplay means it’s a little limited. Don’t expect to see multiplayer or achievements or anything like that. It’s more like a simple arcade game and your goal is to fight for the high score
  • Fonts are weird and spinning! Sometimes this makes things in the menu hard to read. No big deal though because you don’t have to do much reading in this game.
  • When you start sometimes it feels like it takes too long to get fast enough to be a challenge.
  • High score submission is done by submitting to a web page so you have to leave the game to see or submit global high scores.
  • It would be nice to have more colors besides just purple and pink.
  • No Pause button. However, if you push home in the middle of the game it will save your progress.

The Bottom Line:

Although this is a really simple game and you may be led to believe it may  be boring, I think it’s a great game for many occasions. I play it while waiting in line at the grocery store, instead of skimming over tabloid covers. Think of how many meetings you’ve been in that you may not have had anything to do with, but you were required to be at. That’s a great time for a game like newtonica. It’s quick, it’s easy, and entertaining enough to help you get through smaller bouts of boredom.

Presentation & Graphics
Nothing to write home about but they work well for the game.

Sounds are good, but repetitive. If you love the music you can get an app from the developer that just plays the Newtonica music.

Good solid gameplay. Simplistic, but fun.

The gameplay stays consistent, no un-lockables or achievements. The game is sort of like packman, you can just keep coming back to it.


Newtonica is fun! Every time you load it up you will have a great few minutes of globe spinning, asteroid hitting, time killing fun. I still go back to it between other games over and over, and I bet you will too.

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