New Thor screens

On the Rocks have shared with us some new screens of their upcoming side scrolling adventure Thor. Described as a mixture of Guitar Hero style rhythm game with 2D sidescrolling action, it features four worlds requiring you to collect Volts, all the while avoiding the hazards and defeating the end of level bosses. With a score multiplier, different volt types and secret items, the developer promises that the game has tremendous replay value and will keep you playing for hours. Still no word on the release date, but the developer is releasing a public beta of the game sometime next week…. stay tuned

Check them out here:

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  • iPGN-Matt, USA

    Wow graphics looks excellent.

  • DannyV

    Looks sweet!!! If it controls well I might just have to get this.


    This looks kinds like the old hercules. great graphics! :)

  • Rock $ Rolla