Neuroshima Hex Puzzle review

Neuroshima Hex was our runner up for best boardgame of 2010. It swept me off my feet with an excellent combination of playability, quick strategy that still involved chess like depth and a dark futuristic setting. Even though it lacked a campaign mode I awarded it an Editor`s Choice award. When I saw a new Neuroshima Hex game on the App Store I just had to get it. I really thought my hopes of a campaign or story mode would be answered with the new Neuroshima Hex Puzzle. Sadly it turned out to be a chess puzzle set in the NH universe.

img_3626I won`t go into detail about the controls other than that they work great, and are all touch based. The game is essentially the same for all aspects from what I learned to love from the original.

The difference is that here you get 100 set situations to solve, and generally there is only one viable solution. You get to place your units for a single turn, and hope that you manage to eradicate the opposition in that single turn. The puzzle aspect is limited to three pieces, and from these you have to discard one. Puzzles can be solved using trial and error, but that is just plain boring. It takes some skill and cunning to solve puzzles in your head. Soon it dawned on me that I was playing chess, but with a wider array of pieces. If you enjoy solving chess puzzles you will definitely like these kinds of challenges.

img_3742Each puzzle has a text giving you a short rundown of the task, and the limitations. I found this text to be somewhat long, and not really helpful. Some sort of graphical presentation of the struggle at hand would have been better at setting the scene.

Puzzles are divided into packs of ten, and as far as I can tell there is no way to skip a bunch of them if you get stuck. To me this one turn kind of gameplay is not what I had hoped for. The strength of the original game of Neuroshima Hex is the fact that you play it like chess. A strategy doesn`t have to take effect until several turns later.

img_3743Neuroshima Hex Puzzle is a competent puzzle game for those already familiar with the original. For those new to the game I really recommend you to start with the original instead. I really think that this puzzle version could have been an In App Purchase in the original instead of an own title. The gameplay differs from the original in that it is a puzzle game instead of a strategy game. Just like a lot of great chess games also include chess puzzles to enhance the knowledge to solve situations so does Neuroshima Hex Puzzle. For those who want to become better at the original it is a great investment. As a training game it gives hours of practise, but would benefit from being divided into clear areas you want to improve within.

Final Rating


Neuroshima Hex Puzzle $1.99 Universal
Version: 1.0
Seller: Big Daddy Creations

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