NBA 2K12 Review – Where is it?

Where is the review for NBA 2K12 you may ask? Well there is a good reason for it’s delay… behold!

UPDATE: Here is the review

Yes, it seems that iOS 5 has broken the game’s graphics. With faces seamingly ripped from players’ faces, rods stuck to their heads as if controlled by the gods, and a epidemic of mass seizures for the watching crowds. We’ll have a review out as soon as Take Two Interactive fix the bugs.

Check it out!

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  • Ernest Johnson

    When you finally review it please check the game play portion. The game seems to be AI friendly. I can barely win at all. You end up missing extremely east shots. There are people also have stated the same thing. I await your review.

  • Ernest

    Where is the review? It’s been fixed for more then a week and still no review.

  • Nigel Wood

    Busy putting it through its paces. That, and we only noticed it had been updated a few days ago.