NanoWar review

War inside my body, war inside my head and war inside my mind. No, get away you pesky cellular level bacteria!

NanoWar is basically Galcon with a new skin, and theme. For those not familiar with the gameplay of Galcon here is a quick recap. There are a number of planets that you, and your enemies race to occupy. Once occupied the planets generate new forces that you can use to attack, or defend the planets you have. War is waged until only one is left standing. The flow of the game is quite hectic, and most battles can be won or lost within the first ten seconds. As you have limited resources you can’t choose to occupy all planets at once. You have to opt for those providing most new recourses at the least cost while always taking the moves of the opponent in consideration.

NanoWar hasn’t got any planets, as the game takes place inside a human body. Levels are based upon different organs, and you can progress in the classic numbered levels layout. The first organ is free, and then you get iAP for either each individually or for the complete game. I must say that I feel quite full after the free portion is done, and the formula doesn’t really lend itself to a level based progression. It is a lot depending on the player how you tackle the enemy, and the kind of experience you get. You might get a much more intense experience in the first levels after the tutorial with only one enemy due to poor planning than versus several enemies.

When it comes to presentation NanoWar is a neat game to behold with a graphical style reminding me of drawn cartoon shows I watched as a kid. There isn’t much going on in terms of flair, or effects though.

The controls are spot on, and it is easy to select several cells for attack at once. A slight pause in the selection gives you more troops to send out, and I found this to be a more fluent method than that used in Galcon.

NanoWar is a fun arcade strategy game that lacks a bit of own personality, and too often I just feel like I am playing a reskinned version of Galcon. The excellent controls are always up to the job no matter how intense the game gets, and I really wish to see some new aspect to the formula to distinguish it from the original.


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