Myst review

What was I thinking? The mere thought of reviewing a classic such as Myst should bring out large warning signs. Myst is the game that revolutionized the adventure genre by introducing multimedia content in a manner not seen before. Myst entered our computers back in 1993, and it became one of the best selling games ever.

img_0163Can I even review a game such as Myst? Not really, I can only tell you whether it works for the iPhone or not. Is the port good enough, and can such an immersive game be played on a small screen?

When porting Myst to the iPhone developers Cyan Worlds has really done their homework. The game saves whenever you exit, and is quite quick to launch considering the massive size of 727 MB. A game based on interactive still images manages to be really immersive. The locations you visit are all mysterious and beautiful to behold. I really enjoy looking at the machinery that often are used in the puzzles. img_0164

This is a true injection of fantasy straight into the cortex of the brain. There are also video clips with some pretty bad acting that I really love as it adds to the personality of this wonderful game.

Audio is also one of the important aspects of Myst, and I truly recommend using earphones while playing. The audio is ambient in nature, and enhances the feeling of isolation and confusion.

Myst can be played in short intervals as long as you are not interrupted. I think that you really need to dedicate your time and focus for longer sessions to really immerse yourself in Myst. It has some really demanding puzzles, and at times you will need help solving them. Sites such as were invented due to games such as Myst.

img_0165Myst is as fresh and playable as it was back in 1993, and I am really pleased that it lives on for a younger generation to play as well. At $5.99 it is a true bargain.

Presentation & Graphics

High resolution still images that are as beautiful as art.The story is told in video clips, and in texts found at different locations. It is never hard to read even on a small screen.



img_0167Great ambient sounds creating an environment of wonder and isolation. As mentioned the acting in the video clips is a bit strange but it fits so well in this game.


There are puzzles hidden within the images, and in most cases the hard part is to find out what the actual puzzle is. Once I figured out what the puzzle is the solution is quite easy to understand.


You will get stuck, and feel lost on the island. Strangely enough I never feel frustrated about that. The world of Myst is crafted in such a manner that there is always something else to investigate once stuck.

To some the gameplay of Myst might be too slow, and if you are new to adventure games or have a short attention span you should probably steer away from Myst.


This game will take some time to complete without using any game guides.


But do you want it to end? No not really, this is a game where playing it is more satisfying than completing it.

Finding all information, understanding the plot of Myst, and making choices you can live with will demand days of dedication.

Game Rating


Myst is one of those games you must play during your life time. The most cerebral adventure puzzle out there by far. It is the Super Mario Brothers of adventure games!

Myst $5.99

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  • iPGN-Matt, USA

    Dang, I might have to get this one. I’ve all but forgotten how to solve the puzzles from when I played the original though. At least NOW we have the internet! :)

  • Jay

    lol Matt. And I’ve never played Myst before, so the review doesn’t help me decide…

  • Rock $ Rolla

    I dont like using my brain while playing games


    @ Rock $ Rolla
    i might check this one out

  • ant

    lol i know the feeling matt, i have also forgotten the puzzles from when i played it when it was first released on pc

  • Pocketim

    “To some the gameplay of Myst might be too slow, and if you are new to adventure games or have a short attention span you should probably steer away from Myst.”

    Humorously enough, this was actually my first adventure game =P

    Indeed, I can guilty of using a walkthrough, but I mainly just used it at the start to help break me into the game flow. After I went to the first age in the game, I was able to figure out most of it by myself.

    I can say that this was the game that got me into adventure gaming. I might have to look into Secret of Monkey Island.