My little tank review

Review by Nigel Wood

My little tank, published by Astraware is a classic top down shooter which shares similarities with the helicopter game Blues Skies in its presentation and gameplay style, but with it being a tank game at a slower pace.

Each level presents with a war zone, in which you must destroy a set number of enemy tanks and/or enemy outposts to then progress to the next level. You’ll need to traverse the landscape and destroy walls and buildings in your path to hunt down the enemy. Powerups are available to aid you in your mission.

To control your tank you can select from four control methods. Swipe mode, touch mode, tilt mode and d-pad mode. I preferred D-pad mode as it seemed more responsive. Firing is automatic, this is my biggest grip with the game. While I understand that a tank shouldn’t be able to fire rapidly, I would have liked to have control over when it fires. At times when I encountered an enemy tank, I would get hit first, even though I was ready to fire first. Due to the delay in firing. To counter this problem the developer should allow manual firing but with a bar indicating when a shell is ready and available in the turret.

The graphics are nothing spectacular, with some moderately detailed terrain and simple 3D effect buildings. The tanks could look better, currently they are 2D and don’t quite fit the perspective. Overall it looks like a GBA game, and the iPhone is certainly capable of much more.

If you are looking for a great tank game then I’m afraid this isn’t it. However, if all you want is a simple arcade style shooter for the odd time waster on the bus to school or the train to work, then this will quench that thirst for now. At $4.99 I think it’s a tad expensive for what you get.

Presentation & Graphics:

The splash screen looks promising, but the in the game graphics are pretty average for this kind of game. Load times are a little slow considering the low end graphics on show.


Again, pretty standard fair sound and music-wise



There is some fun to be had, but the auto fire hurts the game to the point of despair.


Game life:

With the auto save option it does have a pick up and play feel. But I don’t see much replay value in the levels apart from shooting for high scores.

Game rating:

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