My Brute Comes to the iPhone

The popular online battling game has found a new home.


MyBrute iPhone and iPod Touch is based on what has now become a cult online game: (
MyBrute is a raging community and viral phenomenon, with over 1.7 million visits per day throughout the world and over 70 million Brutes created.

My Brute is a crazy, off-the-wall game of combat that gives you the chance to challenge fighters from all over the world.
You simply take on a series of challenges, gain experience, unlock new skills and crush your enemies with ever-greater speed.

My Brute is easy to access and allows you to:
-          Create and personalise up to 8 brutes.

-          Invite other players to become your pupils.

-          Open your own dojo and find yourself a master worthy of this title.

-          Fight up to 5 opponents a day.

-          Discover and master more than 70 skills and weapons.

-          Unlock up to 8 battle arenas

-          Have discussions with other players from around the world via Open Feint

-          Challenge your friends on Facebook Connect

The Bulkypix and Motion Twin team has been working for several months to adapt MyBrute to the iPhone and iPod Touch, to create a new competition and offer regular and exclusive content for this version.
Players start from scratch (the game is not connected to the online version) and try to become the strongest Brute in the world.


My Brute – $4.99

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  • Riley Xcobar

    Help me out and I’ll help you.

    Static Wind

  • silverice

    join my dojo.

    u get

    + bear
    + Cat
    + double XP

  • silverice

    join my dojo.

    u get

    + bear
    + Cat
    + double XP

    Code: FDDCAIFE

  • xxx skunze xxx

    join my dojo and get either a bear or poler bear and get the mace weapon and triple EXP for three days. im lvl 60 my code is “DHFCAIFE”

  • P4IN

    high level master (55) many rare skills (implacable, untouchable and more) as well as snow leopards, pandas, and brown bears. All are welcome! AGCFIHFE

  • radu

    here is all you have to know about my brute

  • MyBruteIPHONE

    C0BRA KAI Dojo, join us to be apart of the transition of power from AZK to C0BRA KAI!!!

    Ranked: 6 (Top Best Dojos “Patheon of Brutes”)

    Ranked: 4 (Most Pupils “Patheon of Brutes”)

    Master Code: H I A I G H F E


  • Ho Ku To

    Hay you can join my dojo.

    You will get many thing news.

    Tiger and Bear etc.

    My code is AEEFJHFE

  • ronDEEZY

    C0BRA Kai Dojo, join us to be apart of the transition of power from AZK to C0BRA KAI!!!

    Ranked: 3 (Top Best Dojo “Pantheon of Brutes”)

    Ranked: 3 (Most Pupils “Pantheon of Brutes)

    Master Code: H I A I G H F E

    Thanks, hope to see you join, Karate Kid needs you!


    Join my Dojo and i will return the favour and become a pupil of yours too

    secret code : DDAHBIFE

  • ganjaH king


    With Brutes flying so High! & Magic Pets that spreads positive vibes to the pupils making th€ DUB REGGAE DOJO one of the Best and Populars Dojos around the World (spinning fast).


  • ronDEEZY

    C0BRA Kai Dojo, join us to be apart of the transition of power from AZK to C0BRA KAI!!!

    Ranked: 3 (Top Best Dojo “Pantheon of Brutes”)

    Ranked: 3 (Most Pupils “Pantheon of Brutes”)

    Master Code: H I A I G H F E

    Thanks, hope to see you join, C0BRA KAI needs you!

  • Dan

    Stl Blues Dojo

    I’m just starting off in this game. My Master is Cobra Kai which is snake focused and my dojo is Cat focused. Would love for anyone to join.


    ::: BGHACIFE :::

  • zechks



  • Jerry 99

    Thanks to everybody who joined my dojo, I know right now we are only 9 but with your help we can be even more … In fact I’m a pupil from Cobra Kai and I have a Bear dojo so if you have a cat dojo mine is the best option for you … My “Akatsuki” dojo code is FFCHHHFE … Thanks to everybody to help us to go up and up … So Keep battle in my brute to become ever stronger … Good Luck!!!

  • chinn brute

    salut a tous
    sela fait maintenant 1mois que g achetter ce magnifique jeux IPHONE et g commmencé sans vraiment connaitre le jeux, je me suis biensur fait avoir debutant que j’etais en inscrivant un mauvais maitre, resultat mes brutes n’ont pas progressé je perdais tous mes combas bref… la cata…
    je me suis mis en suite a la recherche d’un nouveau maitre plus puissant et je suis tonbé sur le —–dojo “MODJO” —— pour prouver ma bone foie je vous propose d’aller voir au panthéon des brutes il est classé actuellement 12ème mondial (classement qui évolue au file du temps), depuis que j’y suis mes brutes gagne prèsqe tous leur combat, quelle bonnheur de ne pas à avoir à suporter que des deffaites cuisante :lol:
    si vous etes interresser je vous donne mon code je ne vous promet rien mais aller vérifier par vous même et vou verrez tcho et bonne chance
    un grand merci au dojo ——MODJO——

  • Xmantis

    Join Xmantis Clan where speed is a way of life ! BDHBCIFE

  • ronDEEZY

    Want to join a well known dojo?

    Join C0BRA KAI Dojo!

    Master Code: HIAIGHFE

    Ranked: 3 and making our way up to Rank 1 in the Pantheon of Brutes in Most Pupils and Best Dojos.

  • ronDEEZY

    We just recently Ranked: 2 in the Pantheon of Brutes.

    Join now, C0BRA KAI/Master Code: HIAIGHFE

  • Nelliven

    Join the Dojo “The Drunken Monkeys”
    and get alot of special upgrades, for example the black Panter, one of the strongest pets in my Brute!

    Code: GHHHCIFE

    We wate for you :)

  • Dan

    Chi Town Dojo:

    Hey all, I’m a bear dojo with a cat master. If you’re a snake you’d be a great fit here. I’ve nothing to offer you except 3 days of bonus XP and hopes and dreams of pure random draws on your level up. I just want to unlock my extra brute slots.

    If you don’t join me, please don’t join spam-bra kai.


  • Severon

    It really doesn’t matter what Dojo you join, just in a focus of what powers you want. What does matter, is that people need pupils to unlock the ability to make more brutes and get new levels. Help me out by adding my code so that I can get some more pupils and I’ll do everything I can to return then favor. Making huge dojos doesn’t help out users by unlocking the max amount of stuff for all players.

    My Dojo Code is: FCJAJHFE

    My Focus is: Bear

    Thanks for helping out and I look forward to returning to gesture!

  • quik25

    AHCCDIFE is my dojo code!!
    focus: cat
    please join :D

  • Tacoman

    Join my club, simple good, the real Pow chi lam for rare white panther and leopard
    code: HDGECIFE

  • Moonmist

    Join the Jedi Knights!!!!


    learn the powers of the serpent and become a JEDI!!!!

  • 5ean

    Join The Dojo Mr.Kibbles, The code is FBJCCIFE. It’s a cat dojo, I own a whip what I believe to be the best weapon it’s not that great yet but will improve soon hopefully. Join please.

  • luffy

    Please support my little dojo and be my pupil. My bear-like dojo’s name is Satans Mates and my master code is CGADBIFE.

  • ODD

    Join Dojo ODD and practice fighting with one of the best masters all over the world!

    Master Code: C I A J J H F E

    -> Bonus experience for 3 days!
    -> New Arena!
    -> Gain my special snake-ability!

    I call my own EVERY weapon, EACH skill and ANY pet avalible – this is what gives you best possible chances to get all this stuff for your own fighters!

    Master Code: C I A J J H F E

    Join in and create the most devastating fighters! Dojo ODD is looking for you!

    You have some questions about the game or need a guide?
    Send an e-mail to:

    Master Code: C I A J J H F E

  • mike

    Come Join the best Dojo out there Killamonks! add DBCEDIFE best pets n skills

  • Will

    Speed + strength Master: with high chance of panther, bear and bear cub. This is all aside from all the bonuses from xp and extra arenas. Join me to win.

  • 5ean

    I know I have previously said join mr.kibbles but somehow that account was deleted. But I have made a new account I have the rare panda cub and a dog.

    - Cat dojo

    - Rare pets

    - 2x exp for 3 days



  • 5ean

    I know I have previously said join mr.kibbles but somehow that account was deleted. But I have made a new account I have the rare panda cub and a dog.

    - Cat dojo

    - Rare pets

    - 2x exp for 3 days


    Code——— fbjciffe


  • necroimmortalis

    Hi, this my secret code, please everyone join this JADIDIFE. Thank you..

  • Beast

    high chance of bear and dog. master of strength and agility join me. jfifdife

  • Qra Please me pupils !!!

  • DRSM

    Join DRSM for:

    Black panther

    Rare weapons

    x2 exp for three days

    Special ablities

    Snake focused

    Join today!!!!

    Master code: FBJCCIFE

  • ronDEEZY


    Master Code: HIAIGHFE

    Rank: 2 (Pantheon of Brutes)

    We are on the way to the number 1 spot, we need you to take over! Be apart of the transition of power!

  • Tych

    JOIN HCCDEIFE@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  • Horus

    August 31st, 2009 at 11:42 pm

    Join the Mournival!

    I never played the browser version and I rather enjoy what i’ve seen on the iphone so far, but like a lot of people, I have trouble with the stunted pupil system. I’d like to make some pupils and I can promise that my dojo, Mournival, will do everything for your brutes that can be done.

    My dojo focuses on the Bear. If you join, you will be granted Bear Skin, which is the most useful of the skills you can get from a master. It raises your defense against hand to hand attacks, making you able to more easily defeat your low level opponents.

    In addition, your brutes and your dojo will receive these benefits:

    – Your experience gain will be doubled for three full days of play.
    – You will gain access to one of eight unlockable Arenas.
    – My dojo is named after a famous group of generals in the
    Warhammer 40,000 universe. If you join me, your dojo’s name will
    reflect the ferocity and strength of your brutes.

    All other promises made by dojos are lies. Nothing can change your chance to gain rare pets or weapons. My dojo may not be much better than the rest, but there certainly aren’t any that are better than it.

    My secret Master code is BIEIDIFE

  • Robert

    My iphone secret master code is JFFJEIFE

  • Robert

    It is me again. I forgot to add something

    My iphone secret master code is JFFJEIFE

    my website is

    I am new… thanks!!

  • Buddha Master Dojo

    Join Buddha Master Dojo if want best Pets+Skills EVERYONE can get good weapons BUT Pets+Skills are harder to get my secret code DBBHEIFE.YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED

  • Halski

    Best Dojo: CJECFIFE

  • Egg Shen

    Join the Dojo of Egg Shen,


    Snake Dojo in the tradition of Big Trouble in Little China

  • sarkuis

    Do to yourself pupil of a good teacher with Bears panthers and wolves. And rare(strange) weapon whip I hammer axe scimitar throws(launches) trident and sword, do not be left to be deceptive I am a teacher who can win(expire) to 30 levels mas high … join to my and help us to grow!!! Already we are between(among) the 20 dojos first the majority of our pupils have the bear, the panther, the wolf, beside giving them agility, force and rapidity and have the provabilidad of being equal or better than the teacher…

    Secret code: HHGIDIFE


    Join “The Silent Circus,” Dojo today!

    Code: IFIAGIFE


    *The Dojo offers every pet such as the bear, the black panther, the wolf cubs, and the dogs.

    *Many fierce weapons can be unlocked such as the mammoths club, shruikens, Thors Hammer, Broad Sword, Trident, Knifes, Spear, Noodle Bowl, Mammoths Bone, Axe and many more.

    *This Dojo also offers many abilitys such as The Net, Feline Agility, Martial Arts, The Bomb, Herculean Strength, Armour, Extra Thick Skin, Bolt of Lightning, Cry of the Damned, Shield, Impact, Fierce Brute, Tornado Of Blows, Survival, Strong Arm, and more.

    *The skills, “Cobra Quickness,” and “Viper Attack,” are available when you join.

    *A 3x exp. bonus will be available for the first week after joining.

    * Unlock the Exclusive Masters Arena.


    Code: IFIAGIFE

  • chewy192

    Join my dojo lots of members, you will received some free upgrades for joining and the possibility of a bear, wolf, leopard etc.. CBDFJHFE

  • eu

    my dojo code is


    snake’s quickness ability!

  • Hitokiri

    MASTER CODE: iiaggife

    When you join you get:
    2x exp for 3 days
    bear skin (significantly less damage)
    viper attack (free attack when attacked)
    Animals faster
    Weapons faster

    This dojo will let beginners stand a chance and level up much faster. It will give them good items and animals

  • Austin

    100!!! i want a code for EDGY