MVMG – Machine vs. Machinegun review

MVMG – Machine versus Machine Gun is a fixed turret shooter letting you kill loads of machines. There is a story to the game but it is not important as the game is all about killing, and surviving. It is a take on the Terminator story with man versus machine. Man in this game is represented by Sgt. Jackson who is the last survivor to defend a research lab. And thankfully he has got a turret to wreak vengeance with.

The controls of MVMG are all touch based, and as soon as you put your finger on the screen the machine gun starts blasting rounds. The enemies swarm down a corridor towards you, and vary from small vacuum cleaner attack bots to large robotic tanks. You have a shield button that lets you block some attacks, and there are good flying machines that gives you weapons and life. Some robots lets you choose a powerup; health, power or laser. The power of the machine gun can be upgraded three times, and the laser lets you fire a powerful laser at will for a limited time.


There are eight different levels to defend, and the story progress through pages of text. Big bosses wait at the end of the levels, and often it is wise to save your laser for them. MVMG is an intense game, and taking the targets in the correct order is key to survival. Just blasting mindlessly will only get you so far until large robots stand in front of your machine gun blasting you to smithereens.

The graphics in MVMG is not good, and can be traced back in time to early Terminator games for the Xbox. Jagged and colours slightly off was a graphical style that I never enjoyed back in the day, and I still think it looks bad. The enemy machines pays homage to both games and movies on the theme. Star Wars and Terminator are the largest inspirations as far as I can tell.

Sound effects are quite good with an angry machine gun spitting death at the oncoming metal beasts. Some User Interface sounds are too loud in the mix, and the laser is a bit annoying but other than that it is generally ok. Powerful explosions are also a great aspect of the sound found in MVMG. The music is also powerful akin to instrumental pieces found in Terminator and Resident Evil – The movie. If you play your own music when booting up MVMG you will get your own music, game music and sound effects at the same time.


Three levels of difficulty over the eight levels cater for loads of dead machines. I think that the game gets old really quickly though as standing around with a machine gun spewing bullets gets repetitive. There are no unlockables apart from the actual levels. No achievements, leaderboards or online functionality limits the value of the game.

If you are looking for a fixed shooter there are better options out there than MVMG. I would rather recommend Battle Bears 1.5 or Westbang than MVMG. If you want to kill machines to some nice audio MVMG isn’t a bad way to spend a buck but most players will tire of the game quickly.

Final Rating


MVMG $0.99
Version: 1.1
Seller: Killerstorm Studios

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