Must.Eat.Birds review

There are many strange games out there on the AppStore, but this one takes the cake… literally!

Must Eat Birds is a simple game requiring you to take out falling birds, which are intent on ruining your picnic. They fall from the sky via parachute, and to take them out you must gobble them up by firing strange orange bird gobblers from a catapult. Simply tap on the critter and drag down to pull him back, lift your finger to release him and watch the bird eating mayhem. Adjusting the angle is as simple as dragging in the opposite direction. You can fire more than one critter in the air, and if you mange to keep one on screen, you can fire another at it and they will merge to create a super sized bird eater. Should any of your critters hit the ground, they die.

original-1Anyone who has played the Super Mario 64 remake on the DS may remember a similar mini game, involving Goombas and Bomb-ombs, it was designed to make the most of the stylus and touch screen and plays exactly the same as this.

Each level requires an achievement to complete it, like getting a set number of points, or eating the required number of birds without losing any cakes. Later levels introduce difficulty such as birds in eggs that require more than one hit, or fat faster falling birds. Powerups such as extra cakes or bombs that clear the screen can help you out.

Should you eat enough birds in succession with out losing any cake, a crazy monster cake will begin to build up in the background, if it reaches the top of the screen the game enters a crazy mode called “Maximum Bake” this is shouted at you in a crazy Japanese accent. Once in this mode you are more powerful and can bounce off the floor. Clear the level, and it’s on to the next.

Presentation and graphics

Wacky flash style artwork and animation, in a crazy Japanese style


The sound effects are mediocre featuring generic bird sounds that I’ve heard before. However, the Asian inspired pop music, and the hilarious “Maximum Bake” voice up the score.



Extremely intuitive controls with simple and surprisingly addictive gameplay. It’s a hoot!


There are 9 missions, as well as a challenge mode and cake based achievements, but where’s the multiplayer and online leaderboards?

Game Rating

Overall, Must Eat birds is a fun little arcade game, it’s nothing amazing, but the great controls, hilarious art style and entry level price point of $0.99 make this worth checking out. MaaaAAAXXXIIMMMUMMM BAKEeeeeeeee!

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  • mad

    wow im making the literaly same game atm for ipod :@ im soo pissed its already made