Multi Quiz Review

By Nigel Wood

So your local Pub has been turned into an Indian Restaurant… now where are you going to go to get your quiz fix? Well Eric Degrange’s game ‘Multi Quiz’ maybe the answer, think of it as a Pub Quiz in your pocket!

Wrapped up in a simple and smart interface, Multi Quiz gives you access to a large library of Quiz’s which you download direct through the phone. Once downloaded you can play offline and quiz away to your hearts content. If that’s not enough you can visit the developers website and create your own.

I found the quiz creation site to be pretty easy to use. Registration is required and it’s all free. Once in, you can create your quiz, add questions, upload images and also sound bites. There are some limitations, such as you can only do multiple choice questions and have a maximum of 3 possible answers. Also, you must create a minimum of 20 questions for each quiz before you can submit it, which I found a bit much. I think there should be a minimum of around 10 as I struggled to find 20 questions on my chosen topic (which was about Crumpets! ;) ) But as user customisation goes these are small gripes. Once submitted, the quiz is vetted validated and verified before being uploaded to the quiz server allowing you access to your quiz through your iphone. Should you wish to keep your quiz private, you can password protect it before submitting.


The 'create your own quiz' portal

The create your own quiz tool

The quiz creation is a nice touch, but it seems the developer is missing a trick. Surely the beauty of the iPhone being online is that you don’t need to get on your Mac or PC to access the internet. So I’m a bit surprised that there isn’t a built in ‘create you own quiz’ in the game itself. Lets hope the developer is working on it, because that would a great feature.


So how does it play? To start with you are given the option to select your language, from here you are given a list of quizzes available. Tap on one to download it. You can then hit start and the quiz will begin. You are presented with the question in the middle of the screen and, if the question requires it, an image or sound-bite above. Below are the  three possible answers arranged as buttons. Tap the answer you think is correct and either a large green tick or a red cross will appear, and if you were incorrect the correct answer is highlighted. If you’d prefer not to know, you can turn this feature off in the options menu.

Once you have completed the 20 questions you are presented with your score and then it’s back to the main menu. This brings me onto the main problem I have with this game and that is it really is a solo experience. Yes, you can make up your own group game by passing it around or using the questions in a group setting. But there isn’t the option for multiplayer built in. It would be nice to be able to save your score and enter a name allowing you to challenge friends and keep a track of scores. Also there is a timer that starts when you begin a quiz, but the resulting time isn’t presented to you at the end… a multiplayer time attack mode would work great, or even a pass the bomb mode where you must pass the iphone around and answer correctly in the allotted time, avoiding the iphone exploding in your hand.

Overall, Multi quiz is a good package. But it lacks many features that I would have expected. Kudos for featuring user generated content, but without the multiplayer options, it’s a slightly shallow experience. 


Presentation & Graphics:
A clean and user friendly interface



No sound effects in the game, but it gains a star for adding sound bites to the quizzes (when available)



The quiz experience is fun, but where is the multiplayer, built in quiz creation (online and offline)


Game life:

With access to a growing library of user generated content, the game seems limitless. But playing solo may get tedious.


Game rating:

Final word:

Multi Quiz does have potential, so hopefully the developer will add these features and create the definitive pocket pub quiz experience… but right now it’s a bit like going for a drink all on your tod! If going solo is your bag, then for $1.99 it’s a good value, and a good investment should the developer add the sorely missing features later through app store updates.

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