Ms. Splosion Man review

If this pink sparkly temptress doesn’t make you explode with joy nothing will.

There are quirky characters, and then there are those even quirkier, and then there is Ms. Splosion Man. Probably the weirdest character ever created sharing some similarity to Marilyn Monroe, but that would be if Marilyn was on some serious acid trip with sparkling body paint and a tendency to self-combust. Ms Splosion Man dances around, twirls and is quite a seductive temptress. As she runs she tends to do it in grace, and with a whole lot of fun despite being chased by rampant beasts. To propel her she explodes, and this is also the obvious attack versus innocent scientists and creatures of evil alike.

There are quite a lot of 2D-platformers for iOS, and it is one of the genres that have the best quality. What set Ms. Splosion Man apart are the character animation, cool game world and overall nutty presentation. It is by no means the prettiest game, nor is it the most vibrantly colourful. If you took Ms. Splosion Man out of the game it would be a quite standard platformer. But with her in it, it becomes a completely different experience. I can’t help but giggle to myself when she faces the first huge robot, and simply does a Marilyn Monroe oops move before taking off at full pelt.

The controls are tight with just a left, and right arrow for movement, and a touch anywhere on the right side to explode setup. Double jumps are double explosions, and it takes less than the tutorial to get to grips with. At times the level design makes it harder to progress than I would like it to. For example jumping across moving space vehicles can be a bit of a nuisance, as she tends to blow up the last vehicle she exploded off. This makes the game a tad bit harder, but at the same time it keeps it in character.

The classic Super Mario Bros map layout for level selection is fun, and another place to find some nutty references and ideas. As you progress through the game you are faced with some strange design choices. You can use the in-game currency to unlock levels, but the game rather wants you to use IAP to progress without having to replay earlier levels. This would be fine if it had been a free game, but at $2.99 it is asking a bit much of the customer. I would either like it to go free with IAP, or to have the full experience at three bucks.

Ms. Splosion Man explodes straight into my heart with her cute quirky style, but at the same time she is a gold-digger not afraid to go for my wallet after she has captured my heart. Please Ms. I am a married man, and I can’t afford any expensive mistresses.

Final Rating


Ms. Splosion Man $2.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod

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  • Ray

    Only the inpatient or idiotic need to worry about IAP.

  • Nölff

    It’s too detailed and small to play on the iphone. You really need an ipad.

  • Imapterodactyl

    Agreed. I play on iPhone, it’s too small. I have to output to my tv to play it comfortably. Might as well have gotten it on XBox. Would be great on iPad though, I’m sure.

  • Kloo13

    Splosion Man was really fun on xbox! If you are looking for a good platformer on iOS try Pixhelland. It’s a Super Meat Boy like, you can found a trailer on youtube! Personally it was a good surprise!