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The Mr. series from PONOS proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that casual gaming can be fun, rewarding and challenging. Mr.AahH!! threw himself between platforms at an ever increasing level of difficulty. Brother Mr.Space!! took the Hole in the wall formula, and applied some true casual controls. Now these misters are joined by Mr.Ninja that is out to kill monsters while somersaulting between planets. Even if these three games are completely different in controls, theme and style they share a casual addictiveness.

img_3693The controls in Mr.Ninja is as simple as touching the screen to jump. Your little aggressive black clothed ninja has ended up in a strange world of rotating planets. Between the planets small monsters are lined up, and by timing the jump the ninja will slay them. Landing on the next planet is the most important thing, as one miss spells game over. To gain any significant points though you have to chain killed monsters, and can`t afford to miss any. This gives the game two goals: survival, and scoring points. To be successful you have to combine the two. There is no point in playing it safe, as this is a high score game in the end.

There is not much content to Mr.Ninja, and this is the main complaint. I can live with the simple presentation. I can even live with the orange and black color scheme, and actually I kind of like it. The fact that there are only three game modes available, and no achievements is what hurts it in the end. You start with the normal mode, and after scoring 80.000 points you unlock the super chain mode. This took me about ten minutes, and beating the super chain mode took another five minutes. Then you get the final mode that has the suitable name impossible mode. Planets rotate faster, and are smaller. As it is all very random I get tired quite quickly, as the formula isn`t rewarding in the long run. All left is Game Center high scores.

img_3680As I mentioned earlier the presentation goes all in black and orange. Just like the other mister games the graphics are minimal, and the focus is on game play. The music is really good with some up-tempo techno, and nice combo sound effects. You can play your own music, and keep both music and sound effects or just sound effects.

Mr.Ninja is a fun casual one touch game that you can pick up and play for ten minutes when waiting for the bus. It does`t offer any depth, and in the end the casual nature is what hurts it. I would have liked to see set goals, or at least achievements to work for. If you are a fan of PONOS mister series it is definitely worth picking up. If curious there is a lite version to try, and to be frank that is probably enough for most. Mr.Ninja is by no means a  bad game, but okay isn`t good enough in the overpopulated casual game genre.

Final Rating


Mr.Ninja $0.99
Version: 1.0.0
Seller: ponos corporation
Mr.Ninja Lite

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